forget Hennessy TT , this viper will destroy it

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  1. there was some hugely modified saab or something that ran 6.5s and was street legal. i dont know how, but they used some loophole.
  2. Biggest waste of money.
  3. i believe the record was for fastest irs 1/4
  4. it was street legal in uraguay where they have never even seen a car before.
  5. The briefer the more fun.
  6. hah, maybe in the 8th mile
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    The Protomotive 996 TT is probably a ~150mph car. The RX7 has a built LS2, and traps 142mph off the nitrous, which it was in that vid. There's a video of the LS2 FD pulling even with the 996TT when it was on a 75 shot, and it's built to handle a twin-stage 300-shot, but that much power is useless in the car because it's running some definitely not big-enough tires.

    If my car makes decent power I may try to get Darius(owner of Javo's old viper) or the 996TT out here to race a few folks I know.

    And to anyone who says that having a street car with that kind of straight line performance is dumb, #$%# off, because you don't know anything. You've probably never been in a car capable of burning rubber in second, let alone behind the wheel of one able to lay twin 12" wide tracks at 120mph, so STFU.
  8. has an allergic reaction
  9. Your girlfriend disagrees.
  10. which proves that uraguay>arsetralia
  11. AHAHHAHAA gotta love noobs
  12. your sig is my favorite car
  13. My favortite car will be his sig put into a mosler mt900. There will be no touching that car. Can't wait til one is actually made. drool
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    this Holden Torana does 6.75 and is street legal

    but in street trim it would most probably be using different fuel, and of course normal wheels.... etc.
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    its still crazy, wow
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    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 25, 2016 forgeting the gigantic wheely bar... that thing would probably flip over backward or go straight into a wall without it, and when i think street legal, a wheelie bar doesnt come to mind.
  17. The engine shot is rad.
  18. There are several street legal cars running mid 6s. They race in Pro Street and Outlaw Pro Street drag racing classes. Typically, they don't actually drive on the road, but to be entered in the class the cars must have the most basic level of street-legal equipment (head/taillights, turn signals, horn, mufflers, two seats and harnesses) so that they COULD be driven on the street in some places.
  19. Actually, it was in the 1/4 mile. As I recall, they had crammed a rather enormous Chevy-based engine in it, something far north of 600 cubic inches.
  20. I'm not calling you a liar but I must see it to believe it. And they (Heffner performance) probably mean street legal for this country since the laws vary from country to country.
  21. useless then...

    could have just called it a "talk the talk" poser, which would be inaccurate.
  22. Hennessy sucks, this sucks more.
  23. flawless logic
  24. Laws vary from state to state.

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