Fun car to drive!

Discussion in '1960 Porsche 356B/1600GS Carrera GT Coupe' started by The Beetle Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The car was not made for speed but handling, what other car has 50/50 weight. Drive one and tell me I'm wrong. Here is a picture of mine after my friend drove. oops.
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    This car was made for the track than? 'cause in everyday traffic you cannot 'test' it's limits of handling.
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    You can't teat ANY cars limits in the city or on freeways. It would be against the law. Don't bash him because he enjoys his car.
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    I like my car and it's fun to drive as well. Who says a 924 doesn't look good?
  6. 924 For Sale


    Saying goodbye to my 924. Too many projects have inundated my time and must prioritize the more important ones. It's listed on E-bay. Just input this number to view the listing: 2474951932

    Also I have an unusual item that came with the car. A complete service/workshop manual all on one CD. Actually a great addition to any 924 owner.

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