G35 Sc VS BMW 330ci

Discussion in '2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe' started by YSSMAN, Dec 6, 2002.

  1. Has Japan Got Itself Together And Built A Bimmer Beater? I Think So!
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    This car is already known to beat a 330ci. Not by much, only a fraction of a second. 330ci is more luxurious.
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    In a recent Automobile mag the cover was BMW BEATER!![as in the coupe]Does that help?? I would personally take the G
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    The 330ci is a more solid platform, so given the choice I would rock out on a BMW. Now that dosent mean that I dont realize how badass this car is, but I think the 3 series is a better car.
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    BMW Alpine B3 3.3S produce max power of 305hps can crush this!
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    G35 coupe it is!! Though i wouldnt mind havin g a BMW 330=)
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    Its really a pitty that the BMW 3-series has been out for years and can't beat a new comer at its own game. Infiniti comes along badges the G under the 40thousand(american)and can kick the crap out of the Bimmer. ( I do like most bimmersi.e.M5 kicks ass!!!)Ohh and oncea tuning company can get there hands on a G coupe all the 3-series will see is the little silver badge, G35.
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    No, it's a pitty that infiniti took so long to come out with a car to beat the 3 series.. sooner or later one of the companies will beat the current 3 series. You are right G35 is cheaper but the depreciation rate is a lot worse than the BMW 3 series. The interior in that car can not even compare to the bimmer. The quality of the materials used in the interior is not that great. 330's handling is not so hardcore but materials are better and ergonomics and refinement level is also higher. G35 is quite fun to drive but u feel the weight, definately, and the controls r not refined, and materials and quality is not at best, so looking at the big pictures, u c that it's not such a good deal after all, it's just catchy ads and commercials. From the trading point of view, it's very unfair, because they make so many supposedly different cars with the same things that cut cost so much for manufacturing, yet they price with the competitors that do not, so they already earn more money that way on top of that they claim their mechanical stuff is so great, which i agree, that they have 2 cut cost and make the interior cheap as hell and quality very sad when they have the resources 2 do it, just want 2 eat all the money but looking at it from a not-so-hardcore guy, the car looks great, and costs fair, so damn good deal it is! Overall the Infiniti G35 is a great car, but the BMW 3 series is also a great car. It all depends on what kind of car you feel more comfortable in. If you really want a good sports sedan the IS 300 is a choice to think about, it's better than both cars in performance but it lacks the interior.
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    In a recent Car&Driver article it compared mid-priced sedans. The BMW 330 won in both proformance and interior, but not by much over the G35. Then when price was factored in the G35 came out on top. Both are awesome cars.

    My dad just bought a silver G35. Its awesome, and faster than my mom's A6 2.7T.
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    BMW's interiors aren't something to awe at(except the new 7's). The g35's platform is just as stout as the 3 series and I wouldn't be paying the $42,000 they want for 225hp(330i) when I could pay $34,000, get as many options as I want and get 280hp(along with some bad ass looks). BMW is lagging behind in their cars as of right now in my opinion.
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    if you read then magazines the BMW is the better car, but the G35 is cheaper so it makes up those last points, and considering that it took 5 years for someone to bet the BMW thats not to shaby, but when the new 3 serise comes out in 2004 (i think) the G35 will be put in its place and the BMW will once again be king. and the BMW dosnt cost $42,000 for the same options as a $34,000 G35, anyway my point is, even though its faster then the BMW dosnt mean its better, the Z06 is faster then the M3 but every time they have been compared the M3 comes out on top, untill youve driven both cars dont say which is better, the chassie, suspention and handling of the 330ci is near perfect, much more refined then the G35, yes the G35 has more power but the 330ci is a true sport coupe, way more fun to drive.
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    This has already beat the Bimmer and I heard somewhere that the Coupe is running with the M3
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    I once would take the 330ci but now i would take the G35, it is such a great looking car and the sound, yummy
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    This also beat the CTS
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    no this thing cant run with a M3
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    thats not saying much.
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    I have read in amusement some of the comments made regarding the G35 Coupe and it's supposed lack of quality. I find it amusing as Infiniti is known universally for well made and virtually trouble free performance and reliability. Check out the warranty and compare to BMW.

    I see that according to some the depreciation won't hold up to the BMW. Probably to an extent, but one must realize that the G35 is setting a new niche much as the 280Z et al did. Check out the depreciation on those--not much compared to the others in its class. Infiniti is only producing 12-15k G35 coupes per annum to keep exclusivity, so let's just wait and see how the depreciation issue plays out.

    Also, I drove both these vehicles before settling on the G35 and while some comments made are true to the extent of some better quality materials, I dare to say that the driver seat and position are the finest around and that the quality of the leather coverings is unbeatable. This is qualified by virtually all of the analysts who have compared the vehicles. Where this very sad quality statement comes from, I truly do not understand as Infiniti has a great reputation for longevity and reliability. My vehicle certainly does not have poor quality parts for a fact and I have owned BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche. All three have a much higher rate of lack of reliabilty than Infiniti and backed up solidly by data.

    I also find the comment regarding feeling the weight interesting. Look at any comparison test and see who gathers the best .g numbers and slalom times. No contest! That weight stays on the ground where it belongs and feels VERY confident inspiring.That is my kind of weight!

    No wonder BMW has the largest profit margin in the business. Lots of MSRP, which they don't dicker with, and little invoice dollars. People buy the hype, I didn't. and I am very happy I didn't.
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    i would get both :p
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    Who that has a G35 coupe and has driven a 330CI can tell me the difference in accelerating, in the bmw i know the acceleration is quick,responsive and consistant.Is the acceleration of the g35like the pathfinder when it goes off quick sometimes and then sometimes goes slow or is it always directpower, i am between the two but the infiniti dealership is far away so i dont want to make the trip unless i know the acceleration is the same
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    I owned a 330ci which i had done up with hamaans pole position kit and it was riding on 19" Pg2s. For me the 330 was to slow even after I made several modifications to it. With a stage 2 chip, full flow exhaust and carbon fibre cold air intake i managed to get out 255 hp from the little ci and it was pretty quick. The one thing which was great about it was the handling. After installing a front bar it handled beautifully. However it was never quick enough for my likings. I turned it in after my lease was up and sold the parts. Now I am awaiting my new g35 m6 and after one test drive I was in love. 280hp off the lot and so much cheaper then the 330ci. After researching all of the parts which I will be using to upgrade my g35 it is clear how much cheaper this car is to modify and how much more u can get out of it. I love it.

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