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  1. I do gamble in the sense that before I leave for home, I often have a huge meals with crab or lobster and its a real gamble because you don't know how the trafic will be but you need to be sat on the toilet before 30min

    double gamble
  3. no never did and never will
  4. I like to make outlandish bets that I always lose, because I've found the only thing that beats the thrill of winning, is the thrill of welching.
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    I remember being in a casino in Nottingham a while back now, watching a Chinese man throw multiple £50 notes onto a roulette table with each spin.

    He must have lost a grand a minute.
  6. I've seen a bogan do the same at Jupiters (Gold Coast, QLD) on the blackjack tables. Although it was $50 AUD notes (half as much as £50).

    They kept him supplied with plenty of drinks.
  7. The weird thing about the £50 notes is that #$%#ing nobody uses them! Most shops are suspicious of them, or won't take them at all.

    They're too big to fit in most normal wallets, too. I have to fold them into quarters.
  8. Every now and then I bet on the dogs or horses.

    Horses generally only if I get some good info from the trainers or something.

    Dogs because betting on dogs is like rolling a dice. Can be so #$%#ing unpredictable and it's just fun. (Not so fun for the dogs that don't make the cut but whatevs).

    I also play Poker with friends every now and then but it's usually just like 10 or 20 buck buy-in, winner takes all.
  9. I gamble by raw dogging skeezers and not pulling out.
  10. Wow. That is a remarkably repulsive sentence. I'm almost impressed.
  11. I'm delighted I could regale you with my actions with slurries.
  12. trump 2016
  13. um, no. he's a libertarian or something: a different kind of racist
  14. What are horse fights like?

  15. Poker but no money involved. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. Sometimes I load up Far Cry 3 just to play the poker minigame
  17. One of the best endings ever.

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