Game Thread 3000 PART 2011

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Someone write what I had something to do with FM3 summer/Autumn tournament

    1. numbers/octane13b
    2. Lucky Strike/Veinzer
    3. pierog/Pierog13
    4. Tscm/tscm1
    5. Bishop Ghost/Punchedindanuts
    6. Autophlie/autophile
  2. I'm in for this.
  3. At least they had a backup, old or not hahahaha.

    And yeah I'm in for the Forza thing.
  4. PSN IDS:

    Big Rob - CabanaFoghat
    CarreraGtRacer - CarreraGtRacer
    E30 Evo Sport - Htrio
    Innotech - Inno_The_Great
    69399 - khalid84
    MaleficSport - Malefic
    Ferrari 14c 15d - Markmarotta1992
    WhiteChocolateWorld - MisterBSS
    disord3r - napkintosh
    broken - onikron
    PGN1 - PGN-1
    426 hemi - rancidponymilk
    ImPoRtEr - RazeRei
    CTR2Luva - stefanmirk
    TipoF130A - TipoF130
    Lucky Strike - Veinzer
    V8stangman/Porsche Seb - V8stangman
    xDRAN0x - xDRAN0x

    Xbox Gamertags:

    Aaron - Aaron69969
    autophile - Autophile
    bananatucker - bananapirateMkV
    Panzer - Beerhaus
    Paul91785 - BucketsOfSang
    Amazing Asian - Bui david
    DivineRage - DivineRage002
    ETB4U - ETB4U
    Innotech - innotech2000
    webber f1 racer - JonneeZ WebF1
    CrystalBaller- mojadiddi
    numbers - Octane13b
    Dahldrin - Pastry Ernzen
    phanofmuzik2 - kmozdzyn
    Pierog - Pierog13
    Bishop Ghost - Punchedindaface
    426 hemi - rancidponymilk
    ImPoRtEr - RazRei
    sixspeedfirebird - richwvu
    w00t - ruerd
    Ryanator117 - Ryanator117
    SmilinGoat - SmilinGoat
    Damestic89 - smurugby12
    Danno - Strangerous Dan
    thebarron1989 - thebarron111989
    TipoF130A - TipoF130
    TSCM - tscm1
    Lucky Strike - Veinzer

  5. add me to the list

    the forza list
  6. guys whats my xbox tag where do i find it?
  7. just open your windows 7 phone, it should be right on the main page there
  8. add me to the list

    xbox/psn id - rancidponymilk
  9. PSN: MisterBSS

    I might sign on one of these years
  10. Achievement unlocked: 4th Taco Bell visit this week. 15 points/pounds
  11. Here's my NFS Shift 2 screenshots again, more will probably follow <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  12. i heard the handling is still like youre moving on air.
  13. you gotta get gold (pay for it) to get a gamer tag
  14. Why is it always overcast in that game?
  15. hides the sub-par graphics
  16. it used to in the first one but the handling is pretty good now. The graphic settings on the other hand needed some serious tweaking.
  17. probably because of the blur effects but i'll see what i can do for the next screenshots
  18. Really? I think the game got even worse compared to Shift 1, especially in terms of handling, but also graphics
  19. worse
  20. ? The handling feels a lot more realistic now than it did in the first one. There is actually grip now instead of just sliding all over the place...

    It's no GT Legends or GTR EVO yet but it has definitely improved a lot.
  21. And I slide even more than before, and at the most unpredictable moments, either way, both games suck at handling. But we can surely discuss which one sucks more, I say Shift 2.
  22. msn?
  23. #$%# you DS3.

    That is all.
  24. Are you using a steering wheel? I get a lot more grip than in the first one + realistic under/oversteer and weight transfer.

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