Game Thread 3000 PART 2011

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by numbers, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Just bought 5 more for 1000 lol
  2. ugh i want forza cash
  3. i bought a nintendo 3Ds with Zelda
  4. I downloaded TF2. Lol.
  5. o hey f2p scrub
  6. its a car racing video game

    what else would you like to know today?
  7. Actually I'll be spared the ownage for a few more days. Won't be playing til the month ends because TF2 sent me over my shitty australian download limit and im on dial-up speeds for now.
  8. ahaha what a shit country
  9. atleast we dont have a black president.
  10. What are you gonna do with 3 Veyrons?
  11. make a w48? or a W48?
  12. WWW48 to be precise

    though what i would do, is buy a fourth one and have one engine powering each wheel. a dream of mine
  13. I sold two already for 700k each and I'm going to sell the rest for 1million each and keep one.
  14. Crazy that there are still enough n00bs around with that many credits to buy them.
  15. im playing forza now, send an invite plz.
  16. why would anyone pay that much for?
  17. lets race on forza tonight, my garage is huge now
  18. agreed.
  19. I've made over 3million on 8 veyrons lol
  20. What the hell... I never bought them because I assumed no one would be dumb enough to pay a lot for a free gift car if I re-listed, time to try this out myself.
  21. down to 67 mil on forza now, I now have way over 100 tuned cars with race liveries
  22. Also, im downloading the From Dust trial...this game looks epic
  23. Looks pretty cool

    edit: you can play Mozes, holy #$%#!

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