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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MooSquad, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. ew
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  2. I mean, why even bother? Just release it only digitally then.

    What's the point of a box if nothing is inside.
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  3. Gotta have something for the collectors to collect, I suppose?
  4. I'd be pissed. My other house(cabin) doesnt have internet. If I bought this game, drove the 2 hours to my other place, opened the box to play and couldn't cause there is no god damned game. I think my switch and the empty box would end up in my firepit.
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  5. Meh, then do a limited run with some cartridges. Collectors don't want an empty box.
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  6. Limited-run cartridges is a much better idea.

    I guess games cost SO much more to develop than they did 20 years ago, that any way to reduce costs is going to make it easier to turn a profit. Digital downloads probably cost way less per unit sold. That, and we as a society have become so used to streaming and downloading content that it's become the defacto method for accessing entertainment, so they're just going where the market forces are dictating.

    Wasn't the Xbox One supposed to have no physical drive?
  7. slow or $/gig internet connections make pure digital stuff poop
  8. Actually game developing has become much cheaper last decade. I do believe it's cheaper for developers to bring out a game digitally. Streaming will be the future i think yeah, microsoft is releasing an xbox one this year without a disk drive.
  9. A friend of mine lives quite rurally, and does not have access to actual modern internet, so he's basically still on ADSL

    Makes updating games on the PS4 a really PITA. a 36GB Download takes him forever and with a game like GT sport that gets regular large updates, it means that there's big chunks of time where you can't use the online mode or save and progress. It's frustrating.

  10. Dat musik
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  11. Not buying it btw. Full of SJW stuff and LOTS of microtransactions.
  12. Also bought Resident Evil 2. It's good.

    Always hate i have to be so careful with ammunition in this game haha
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  13. what SJW stuff? Its only meant to be about ripping heads and spines out! :(

    EDIT- That trailer was actually perfect though
  14. The women have less sexy outfits, because it's too sexy, Johny Cage his 'OK' sign when he wins has been replaced by a middlefinger, because the ok sign is used by nazi's on 4chan(how do you even come up with this shit), Jax his ending is really WOKE, and Shao Khan makes a reference to Donald Trump.
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  15. ughhhhh, FFS
  16. Apparently it takes 3300 hours to unlock everything or you can pay 6440 dollars

    What a joke
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  17. haha the sjws are ruining video games!
  18. micro transactions are an actual cancer however, especially when they design the gameplay around them
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  19. Make every bullet count! Headshots only!
  20. so the almost universally known gesture which means "I'm okay" is offensive now, but a middle finger (almost universally known gesture to mean **** YOU) is less offensive?

    fucking hell the internet is stupid.
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  21. I think we have it too good in the western world if we can complain about trivial shit like this.

    The western world needs a plague, war, famine something like that.
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  22. I want to complain about the micro aggressions I suffer everyday. Just today I was eating a sandwich outside under a tree. The look that the crow in the tree gave me when I didnt drop any crumbs on the ground was extremely offensive and triggering.
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  23. They just need an "insta-beat the game" option for $1,000 for the wealthy losers.
  24. Speaking of SJW games, I've been playing Far Cry New Dawn. I don't see what the fuss was about the two black chicks. The big problem is how terribly obnoxious the characters on your team are. Especially the hippie scientist. I wish I could join the black chicks and slaughter my teammates.
  25. RE2 is awesome so far.

    Currently at the parking garage where i found a journalist and i have to take his key card.

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