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    I prefer the SS Commodore to this, the pontiac grille and scoops just make everything look stupid for the original for any americans who havent seen it.

    and yes, its already been on sale in australia for a few months and is going well.
  2. oh, and the heading should be stole a holden.. my bad
  3. I agree.
  4. The the grile mean it's pontiac. If it's like holden, it will like a chevy. I don't care wich ones who first launch the cars, and sometimes delayed cars mean improves cars
  5. I'm Australian, and I actually kinda like the Pontiac more.

    The rear of the Pontiac I DEFINITELY like more than the Commodore.
  6. Since the GTO is dead again, I wonder why they detuned the LS2 to 362HP. Is the Firebird coming back too?
  7. They say "the G8 is sure to help GM recover in the US". Ummm the last Holden with a Pontiac badge that came out here (the GTO) didn't sell worth a squat, what makes them think this one with less power will?

    Yet another reason the US "big 3" will continue to lose ground to the Japanese. They don't learn. They like to cater to what people THINK they want (GTO, SSR, Prowler, Marauder, etc.), the Japanese tend to cater to what people KNOW they want (a good dependable car that is short on gimmicks and high on quality).

    Maybe they will learn when this one tanks, but then again, I doubt it.
  8. The last RWD Impala SS sold well. So did the new Mustang. 300C? I think their mistake is in how they bring cars to their customers. The GTO was just a badge slapped on. I think if they just called it a Grand Prix and got rid of the FWD it would have worked better (after all they have the G5 and G6 now). Also I think they try to make their cars do too many things at once. GTO was nice with the power but had softer suspension than what you look for in what should have been a 3 series competitor. Thats why the Corvettes are selling better now. They finally decided to go all out on making the Corvette do what it's supposed to, go fast. As for the SSR, I don't know what the hell they were thinking about when they did that. As for the Japanese manufacturers, they don't sell supra's RX-7s (the rx-8 doesn't count, it's half assed), NSXs, Celicas, MR2s or 3000GTs anymore do they? I guess they were wrong about people wanting one of those too.
  9. heavy for a v8...maybe should come in a 6 speed auto too...nothing really great about it though
  10. I still Say, TOO BIG

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