GM $1000 cash allowance

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by RLQ, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. After attending the Autoshow motion, GM sent me a $1000 off coupon for some of their vehicles. It excludes Cadillac XLR, CTS-V, C6 Vette, Hummers, Saabs and even Saturns. Well at least I can get the GTO; other than that, this coupon sucks.
  2. The Aveo is pretty nice for what it is.
  3. I guess.
  4. they'll just not cut that $1,000 off the price

    just like "trade in" deals

    they say they give you a lot of money for your beater, and charge you more on the new car to make up the difference

    I'll never buy a car at a dealership
    private individuals will always give you much better deals
    provided your not dumb enough to buy trash

  5. if you arent a clueless moron then you know the monthly payment by the window sticker, and anything he tries to raise it to will be obvious. you should also know how good your credit(and dont kid yourself about paying bills if you know you dont) is so you know what kind of apr youll pay. and always go to a bank first to get a quote so the car dealership cant just raise your apr to get that extra money out of you.
  6. they never put the real sticker on the window to start with
    they put a high number up, then cut deals on a 1 by 1 basis
    you have cash, they'll go way down
    you show them a 1k voucher, and they'll go just not cut you that 1k off
    you go to a trade in sale where they give you $1000 for anything you push pull or drag in, good luck talking them down

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