GM won't dump Saab, Hummer

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    GM won't dump Saab, Hummer

    STRUGGLING car maker General Motors is not planning to drop its Hummer and Saab brands despite pressure to cut down its brand portfolio, a senior executive said overnight.
    Hummer and Saab are "intrinsically woven" into GM's global strategy, Mark LaNeve, head of North American sales and marketing, said.

    Billionaire Kirk Kerkorian, who owns 9.9 per cent of GM's shares, has said that GM needs to focus on its top brands if it is going to be able to get its finances back on track.

    GM, which lost $US10.6 billion ($15 billion) last year, is in the midst of laying off 30,000 workers and closing 12 facilities.

    The world's largest car maker has been struggling with a steady decline in market share and a sharp drop in revenue when consumers began to shy away from petrol-guzzling but highly profitable sport-utility vehicles or four-wheel drives.

    GM expects its market share in the critical US market to fall about a half a percentage point in the first quarter of 2006. Sales analyst Paul Ballew told the conference call that he expects a US market share of 24 per cent in March, down from 26.7 per cent in March 2005.,10166,18629985-31037,00.html
  2. Why dump Hummer, it's got to be a cash cow!!!
  3. Shoulda dumped Buick.
  4. Yeah, Buick and Saab can go.
  6. Is that you in your avatar? Cop?
  7. What GM needs to do is kill off every division, start building Holden's in the US, and make Corvette its own brand.
  8. Corvette already is its own brand in Europe, so people don't confuse it with the shit rebadged Daewoo's that pass as Chevy's over there.
  9. i think with all the new things with buick it would have been nice to keep oldsmobile. they could have been coming out with nice cars now,
  10. Just because a lot of people say the Hummers are ugly they think GM should drop it? Hummer has been one of GM's biggest sellers in the past 3-4 years. Why do you think you see them everywere.
  11. I miss Oldsmobile. Anybody else been up to the Olds museum in Michigan? The Aerotech test car was incredible.
  12. GM can't sell buick,h ummer and other american car companies uless its to another american car company. its apparently against the laws to sell buick to say a chinese company like BYD
  13. GM would call it the 'Holden Corvette' lolwtfbbq <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>

    you cant make Corvette its own brand, because other Corvette models would come out, like small 4 cylinder turbo vettes, and 4 door ones, etc.
  14. GM should give SAAB an infinite amount of money and let them develop a proper platform. They need to learn to use the expertise of their non american brands.
  15. I can't understand GM. Even after DECADES of Toyota and Honda being (essentially) one-brand manufacturers, GM continues to waste money on names like Buick and Saab (and Pontiac, and GMC, etc.)

    Why can't GM just be "GM" and use the names Chevy, Pontiac, etc. as car brands, instead of issuing countless new models with expansive (and expensive) headlight/bumper/interior mods?

    Something like a "GM" dealership, which would offer a "Buick Grand National" (since nothing else in that brand's history seems to be of any marketing value) alongside a "Chevy Impala" and a "Pontiac TransAm". This would allow GM to spend more money on product development, less on advertising, and eliminate cross-brand competition.

    I know, I know. Too easy for GM to ever consider... which is YET ANOTHER reason why they'll be dead soon.
  16. I doubt that. The Corvette designers/engineers are the only people at GM who know what they're doing. Giving them free reign would be awesome, and would probably make the Corvette the car it NEEDS to be.
  17. You know nothing. GM needs to stop rebadging all brands should have cars that were specifically designed for them and yes killing of some of their American brands could be a good thing. I can not see the point in having Chevrolet, Buick and Pontiac one of them is enough. Getting rid of SAAB though would be very stupid since its GMs only European premium brand.
  18. Marketing and image. Each subdivision has their own image. People are stupid and will buy anything is packaged right.
    There are many dealerships out there though, that are Pontiac/Chevy/Buick/Saturn etc. all in one.

  19. would have been awesome, it was indeed a sad day when olds took the hit.
  20. No that's nonsense. Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep are owned by the Germans. The French have owned various domestic plates (e.g. AMC, etc.) at various times.
  21. The only brands GM needs to dump are Saturn and Buick, maybe Pontiac too.
  22. Saturns have a cult following.
  23. GM needs to dump UAW.
  24. Here's the following brands I think GM should keep.

    Chevrolet - for obvious reasons
    Cadillac - for obvious reasons
    Opel - for profits in Europe
    Holden - for profits in Australia
    Saab - Since GM's North American divisions haven't done well in Europe in their history, Saab could be to Opel what Cadillac is to Chevrolet. Saab could be the European luxury brand that GM needs to target the luxury buyers in Europe. GM wouldn't need Cadillac in Europe if they use Saab wisely.
    Hummer - I noticed that the other Big Two, DC and FoMoCo, have a segment that makes off-roading type vehichles. Hummer could be GM's answer to Jeep and Land Rover.

    Brands that should be axed.
    GMC - Seriously, a waste of money. Just have Chevy do trucks.
    Pontiac - Chevy can be an "excitement division" just as much as Pontiac.
    Buick - Why the hell do you need 2 luxury divisions?
    Saturn - It's profitable, but Chevrolet could do the same shit with economy cars.
  25. that sounds about what i would say

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