Gmae Tarehd XXXVII: GT5 2012?

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  1. My favorite racing game.
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  3. Picked up Reach 5 mins ago, this will replace MW2
  4. Let's all play firefight or something tonight.
  5. what is world of tanks
    looks kinda awesome
  6. totally just bought Gaylo Reach
  7. Looks like I'm the only one not getting a reach around
  8. Reach is awesome
  9. and i #$%#ing suck at single player. wtf happened to me
  10. I set it to heroic thinking whatever. Shit is kicking my ass.
  11. Legendary is kicking my ass
  12. lol right!

    beat the last 3 gaylos on legendary wtf
  13. Is he giving you reach-arounds?
  14. someone open up the locker room, we'll need to stuff in these gaylo playes in bulk.
  15. reach campaign took 4.5 hours on heroic. was moving pretty slow too and messing around in co-op.
  16. It's the #$%#ing Jackles I think. They're way tougher then in previous games. Super accurate when shooting and hard to hit.
  17. holy shit and i was intending to spend a lot of time on my study.
  18. reach is pretty good imo
  19. Just got a 10 kill streak by flying around with the jet back and coming down on fools with the sword. It was amazing.
  20. I'm getting reach
  21. free $20 giftcard at best buy with Reach purchase. it's just like all the other Halo multiplayers...
  22. holy fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Legendary on Reach is the hardest i've played of all the halos
  23. Here’s a quick overview of what’s been discussed in the TGS 2010 GT5 breakout session:

    * Laguna Seca has been completely rebuilt and will return for GT5. Trial Mountain has also been confirmed.
    * “Gran Turismo Anywhere” will allow you to manage B-Spec races, right from your computer. You’ll be able to hold B-Spec races with your friends from anywhere in what are called “Remote Races”.
    * GT5 will feature a series of special events such as the Karting Experience, the AMG driving school, The Stig Challenge, Jeff Gordon NASCAR School, Sebastien Loeb Rally Challenge, and Gran Turismo Rally.
    * POINT-TO-POINT RALLY STAGES (ZOMG) will be AUTOMATICALLY and RANDOMLY GENERATED (OMG) – you’ll have to depend on your co-driver to give you the best instructions about the road ahead.
    * Rally mode can be played either on or offline.
    * Weather changes include temperature differences, air pressure changes, and humidity, affecting the surface conditions of the track dynamically.
    * Weather conditions are randomized. Forecasts for your race will be available but may not be entirely accurate, just like the real world.
    * Polyphony Digital has helped Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey design the X1 Concept – an “ultimate” racing car, free of any technical regulations.
    * Polyphony Digital has worked to improve engine sounds.
    * Yamauchi admits that, in certain situations – such as standing race starts in the rain with 15 other cars on the screen kicking up spray in front of you – the game may not be able to hold 60FPS. Otherwise, it will strive to hold 60FPS as often as possible.
    * The Volkswagen Kubelwagen, which has a drive system like the first beetle, and the amphibious Volkswagen Schwimmwagen will be in the game.
    * Many things didn’t make the cut in Gran Turismo 5, and work on Gran Turismo 6 has already begun.

  24. just tried forza multiplayer for the first time since weeks. wow, the "everybody has the same car" mode is #$%#ing fun. so much more competitive.

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