god damn itŽs uuuuugglyy!!

Discussion in '2002 Bentley State Limousine' started by uno44, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. DonŽt you think?
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    it's a goddam f#$%#ing jjoke<!-- Signature -->
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    Well i have to agree but even bently could have sorted abetter roof line if they tried. They say it completly designed on a computer so now i know why i dont trust computers.
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    hmmm... i got mixed feelings
    firstly, no i wouldnt buy or drive it, but it is an appropriate design for its intended purpose - carrying around a famous little old lady who happens to be royalty
    it looks like a modernised appropriation of classic designs and is large and elegant - fit for royalty...
    but shit, gimme an Arnage T anyday...<!-- Signature -->
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    But! It's a Bentley, and nobody on this forum wil EVER own one, so just look at it and hope to have one. Yes, this car may be ugly as hell, but it's still a Bentley, and that makes up for alot.<!-- Signature -->
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    Bentley could have done better with the Styling, very old fashioned, but regardless of that it would still be very luxourious on the inside.
    I think Bentley should concentrate on Le Mans, they have such a chance in that, why waste precious pounds on the Queen?<!-- Signature -->
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    3 TONNE BRICK<!-- Signature -->
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    I have mixed feelings... if I had the money that bill gates has I would own one.. if I had $5 million.. I would get a couple of cars that are more interesting.<!-- Signature -->

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