Great car!

Discussion in '1991 Opel Calibra Turbo' started by cali74, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. The most beatiful car producted by Opel!
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    not really the car bites looks like any other family car.
    what the hell is it doing on here.
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    This is not a family car, it's the best coupé ever produced by a European country. It really rocks, and it looks great, even after ten years. So shut you trap!!<!-- Signature -->
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    this IS a great car, especially the picture that Snutzu has^<!-- Signature -->
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    the touring car rocked<!-- Signature -->
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    tewtrew<!-- Signature -->
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    Take a look at my car at

    ItŽs a Opel Calibra T 4x4 -96, I tuned and styled it myself, I think its the coolest Calibra T in Sweden.

    The server will be up and running to night.(I forget to start the server this morning)

  8. scheiß proleten-schleuder

    Für alle die das lesen können. Der Opel Calibra ist die Prolo Schüssel Nummer 1. Noch knapp vor einem Golf. Deutsche Autos sind scheiße!!!!
    Viper rules
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    Guten tag. :/
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    Du hast ein bleistiftschpitze in dein butthole!!!<!-- Signature -->
  11. cozzie killer

    it was made to do battle with the cozzie!!<!-- Signature -->
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    are we talking sierra sapphire cossie or the early 3 door sierra cossie or the escort cossie in the case of the first two quite possibly but i think you're dreaming about the escort just standard the escort cossie is over a second faster 0-60 and faster at top speed and thats without going down the road of tuning cosworth engines will be going long after the calibra lumb has blown up stick a six speed in a cossie and then see who's better
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    For your info, mine is a almost standard 93 Caly turbo, does 280 speedo, that is 265 real speed, 5,5s o-60mph. Well tunned caly turbos can go even to 400hp without changing the engine. Sierras, Escort, well i have beeten the crap out of them, great car for magazines tought. The Calibra is a car that doest compromise speed, performace, security or even confort.
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    trewtrewtr<!-- Signature -->
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    Quoting master1xf

    "Well tunned caly turbos can go even to 400hp without changing the engine. Sierras, Escort, well i have beeten the crap out of them,"

    you probably havent raced john reylands escort cossie then, it would maul your calibra and spit it out. from his cosworth engine, (the one from the showroom) hes pulling over 500bhp and i do believe he hit 100mph in around of 7secs, that is fast and yes it is an official record with the data to prove it. then there is my friend james with variable boost in every gear in a 2wd saph which was dynoed at 550bhp (and of course the standard lump). so please check ure info before looking like a cock it takes very few mods to reach 370bhp in a cossie and the engine will take it.
  16. The most beatiful car producted by Opel!
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    Great handling as well. I used to have one with AWD.<!-- Signature -->
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    the xtreme is better.<!-- Signature -->
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    the extreme is much more appeling
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    Two words, Opel Speedster.
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    Nice car, but the Astra Xtreme kicks ass.

    keep the faith<!-- Signature -->
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    yo enzzo two words "it sucks"<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from cali74</i>
    <b>The most beatiful car producted by Opel!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I completely agree with you, it's the best Opel ever!
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    it's nice
    <!-- Signature -->
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    Hey I live in the States, I was wondering, when was the last year that this model of the Calibra was built and in turbo model. I am not too sure but I think 1997. Can anyone please let me know if this is right.

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