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Discussion in 'Classic Cars' started by dalla, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. Ford Crown Victoria
  2. Yes, but what de soto?
  3. No clue, honestly, can't find any with the chrome going down at the rear like the Chryslers. I'll just blind-guess Diplomat because of your classic-Opel hardon <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  4. Who can find this one?
  5. Who can find this one?
  6. that can maybe be a Zil 112S ? but the front bumper doesn't really seems like that...
  7. I'm thinking a Lister-Jag. Hood bulge isn't big enough to be a Lister-Chevy.
  8. '54-55 Firedome?
  9. Close lines...
  10. jaguar d-type race car?
  11. Are you kidding? E2A looking nothing like a Lister Jag or Lister-Chevy!
  12. 55 Firedome, correct.
  13. MOO how do you know so many weird/unheard of car makes?
  14. Damn, what's that?? It's kinda hot... Some kind of retro-hot-rod-like-modern-thing... But never seen that. The rear-view mirrors look wrong, BTW... too big and curvy!
  15. Well, since I got it about guessing what car this racer is.
  16. Wild guess; some Elva?
  17. Nope, but it is English.
  18. There were so many cars like this in the UK back then.. is it based on a Lotus 23?
  19. Kind of a knock-off thereof.
  20. Noble Auriga/23? Although that wouldn't really be a classic car
    Mamba C23..
    I'm srsly puzzled
  21. Merlyn 6A
  22. oh ffs it seems you're right

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