hah 2+2 eh

Discussion in '2009 Lotus Evora' started by ETB4U, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. smallest back seats ever. Notice how in the last pic it actually shows the back of the front seat up against the back seat. Oh well still hot and still love Lotus
  2. I am 5'6 about the world average height, so i don't make ridiculous excuses about seats. This car is the best sports car all told ever, Lotus has made a total winner in every respect! What sales rocket!
  3. I can't believe it took them 10 years to finally make a production version of the M250
  4. Awesome, another great car from Lotus, who needs back seats.
  5. Car is shyt... It has a tuned V6 that is also used in the Toyota Camery, and it's 80,000.... Definitely not worth it at all.
  6. I like Lotus (in general)... But 'weighing just 1350kg' is a fat lie... Not that it's 1350kg, but that it's _just_ 1350kg! 1350kg is much for a sportscar. _Too_ much. It needs to loose weight. I'd say: at least 350kg.

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