Halloween is a big waste of food...

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Wheelman, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Seriously, do you know how many pumpkins just get wasted on halloween? Do you have any idea how much food that is? It's a #$%#ed up tradition, and it's stupid. I also have a beef with Christmas and the waste of trees. #$%# that. People are such idiots. Not that I'm a tree-hugger or anything like that, but at least if you're gonna harvest pumpkins and cut down trees, they should be used for something worthwhile. I mean shit, there's something fundamentally wrong with a society that literally throws away 30 million perfectly good pumpkins on the same day, where there are impovershed people who are starving just down the street. Now again, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying we should be giving anything to poor people, I just think it's #$%#ed up to waste all that food. Eat the #$%#ing pumpkins! Roast them with oil and salt, or make a pie or whatever. You just don't waste food. And you don't kill living trees for no reason either. There are a hell of a lot better things you can do with 30 million pine trees than just throwing them away. It's just #$%#ing wasteful. Give me all that wood, I'll #$%#ing build a house out of it.

    Jack-o-lanterns and Christmas trees are the two stupidest holiday traditions ever.

  2. Yes because baked seeds and pies would save the world.
  3. Who said anything about saving the world? I just think it's stupid to waste food. You can actually eat pumpkins, you know. They're like a squash.
  4. we have an artificial tree cos we were sick of having pine needles #$%#ing getting all over the house and absolutely everywhere, and plus, the smell makes me gag....outdoors, that's ok, but in an enclosed space...no way
  5. Although I do agree that it's stupid, neither would be grown in the same quanity if the traditions didn't exist anyways...
  6. You, for sure. But even though they're grown specificially for these holidays it's still a horrible waste.
  7. I think most Christmas trees become firewood.
  8. Around here they collect them and use them in various places along the shoreline to prevent erosion.
  9. Wait, so the guy who says the homeless are responsible for living the way they do, is now sorry for them? If they don't find the shelters WE provide and pay for, they can get a #$%#ing job. Don't like the way we waste pumpkins, and that they could use them instead? Too #$%#ing bad, if they weren't such lazy cocksuckers, they could be wasting their own pumpkins, instead of getting pissed at the world for their problems.
  10. See that's decent, at least you're getting something out of them.

    But I think most people that live in cities these days tend not to use their fireplaces, if they even have them. And I know that a lot of people don't like burning pine and other evergreens because soft woods give off a lot of smell when you burn them.
  11. Shut the #$%# up you stupid twat, and actually READ what I said.

  12. Are you gonna cry?
  13. And Canada is the biggest waste of land ever. 90% of your population lives withen 100 miles of the US border.
  14. I'm gonna punt you.
  15. I'm gonna punt you.
  16. I hope that 'Day After Tomorrow' thing happens, but stops at the border.
  17. all your posts are waste of bandwidth.
  18. Canada is one of the biggest examples of Underpopulation in the world (the inability to use their resources to their fullest potential, basically wasting what they have), mainly due to the fact that a lot of the land isn't really useable...
  19. hey, A-Level Geography IS usefuL!
  20. Halloween sucks
  21. I hate Halloween.
  22. Coming from "Mr. Stay off my property and don't raise my taxes," this looks pretty stupid. I'll do whatever the hell I want with my pumpkin, and you can #$%# off.
  23. The lamest thing anyone can do is buy a artifical tree.
  24. You're as dumb as Fast Man.
  25. if Max/Corey will ever have any kids, they're going to have a very lame childhood. and then grow up to be like him.

    tsk tsk.

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