He's filming!!

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  1. That ginger guy was right. #$%# those rich boys running in circle around london with their supercars. And the little boys who spend their days running after them to take miserable HDR of those cars parked in front of GUCCI too
  2. cgt isn't loud irl actually. dunno about the lamborghini though.
  3. this
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    He says it's not a Dane because that's supposed to sound like
  5. your "elitist photographer" is showing
  6. he's right though. those kids are annoying.
  7. oh yeah guess he wouldn't want to get out of the protection of his cage!
  8. For the start of the 2012 Tour Auto in Paris there was an army of them. They take themselves too seriously.
  9. agree
  10. alphonse is the screaming guy in the vid
    im the privelliged white guy in my (dad's) lambo
  11. I was cycling yesterday and i got dieseled by some redneck who was mad that i dared to chide him for driving continuously in the bike lane.
  12. lol now you spent a day in AlphonsesShoes
  13. how the h*ck is this thread worthy?

    jesus, is this forum really THIS bad>?
  14. Oh but making a thread about quiche or some other poncy food is acceptable?
  15. We need all the threads we can get m8
  16. look at aplhpnse the road rager, wanting to fight everyone who agresses him on the road
  17. I like how at the end the cager tells him off by turning his head sideways in the half opened window.
  19. He's scared to even roll it down or perhaps being a lambo the electric window motor is broken lol
  20. yes
    and chugging threads

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