Hey Ferrari fanboys

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  1. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

  2. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    omg not surprised

    also LOL @ Jalopnik wondering why they are not invited to a Ferrari test drive
    they are shit.

  3. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    *Fanboys...you're welcome
  4. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    Not surprised.
  5. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    I wouldn't let jalopnik write about anything
  6. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    i thought Jalopnik was like
    the worst
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    Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    I stopped reading this thread at:

  8. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    Commentary this rich must be coming from that class-A website supercars.net.
  9. Hey Ferrari fanboy's

    I know that guy
  10. done
  11. What's wrong with Jalopnik?
  12. Precisely why I despise Ferrari
  13. another Crusade, finally...
  14. nothing new about this. Ferrari have been like this since the 50's. Still one of the best
  15. anyone have the original article saved? he's pleading the 5th when I'm talking to him
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  18. thank you both of you.

    little known secret. Ferrari of Ontario is mostly owned by Ferrari. that and all the sales staff are giant wankers.

    EDIT: I'll also leave out the iffy start of this dealership. unless of course someone spouts off about how they did the right thing.
  19. Hey Ferrari, are you listening? I did unspeakable things of a sexual nature to your mother.

    I await communication from your lawyers.
  20. sure they're douchebags but it doesn't change how much i want a 458
  21. Jalopnik is such a terrible name
  22. shit, I was just about to walk over to yorkville and see what they had in store...

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