Honda guys only understand STATS nothing else

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    i would pick a nice car that goes slow, over a fast car that looks like shit any day.<!-- Signature -->
  2. 9 out of 10 Honda guys only understand Stats! Everything must equal stats. Thats why Hondas are VERY GOOD CARS! No disputing that very good! Thats also why no Honda has ever had the "Presence" of it's competitors. HONDAS ARE THE MOST BORING CAR COMPANY ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! There cars are not ugly at all! Not one Honda I could say is ugly. But not one car makes you jump up and say "WOW"! Plus any Honda you buy, no matter wich one you get, no matter what you do to it, it's been done to death a million times over! You buy a Honda your a fukin DRONE! No different from the guy who lives next door to you. A tricked Honda geos by, big deal. A tricked out XG300 goes buy "What the **** was that!" A TRIPLE TAKE!! Thats why Honda guys can't understand American muscle. 100% of it has to calculate to performance. Part of that BEAST MUSCLE is performance. The other part of it is feeling. A Honda car can be as fast as an American car. But the American car will more than likely FEEL much faster, regardless if it is or not. And you can't tell me American cars can't handle well either. The Z06 does 1.0G's and takes an M3 in all performance aspects. Vipers pulls insane G's also. The Mustang is good (not great) in Handling. Very comparable to a Type R.

    The point of a sports car is to make the driver feel good, stats are secondary. If you can't understand that then your close minded and will never understand why there is a spot for Brute Force.

    P.S. "Only Honda" guys usually are the same guys who use only Ken and Ryu. Thats why I love mastering Balrog (AKA Mike Bison) and schooling them with the brute technique (Dhalsim is still No.1). They crumble when having to deal with something different. <!-- Signature -->
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    I have no idea what this guy is trying to say in his first few sentences. This Honda NSX-R's pretty dope. <!-- Signature -->
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    well i also understand american muscle. my neighbor is rebuilding a trick black chevelle. not sure what year, but i like it a lot. i would love to own a 76 trans am, like aussie said. but the old american cars that i like are just that: old. nothing new impresses me. yeah sure the Z06 is amazing. the viper is just a big engine, and the mustang well...hmph. at least we CAN understand stats. hehe. if you knew anything, you would know that the entire universe, and all the laws of physics are based on mathematics. essentially a bunch of "STATS" nothing else. so anyway, that proves it. ever sat in a car and when the tach hits about 4900 the VTEC kicks in and pushes you into the back of the seat? its pretty nice. not snap your neck, but still, it makes it fun. i guess we all have our different preferences
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    Nice nice... you know what's neck-snapping? a porsche 911 turbo (the new one) under full accel'n. My boss bought one and we tried that... and THAT was neck-snapping... the machine's simply awesome... I'm still recovering from the injury it inflicted on my neck, that's why i know it's neck-snapping (or nearly!) <IMG SRC="">
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    yeah ill bet. man, i tell you what, i want more than anything right now a GT2. that has to be one of the most extremely fun cars out in a while. fastest porsche ever is really saying something. <IMG SRC="">
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    You know what, not even the GT2 satisfies my taste... I'd love to have one of those Porsche GT Concept that was the hype a while ago.... that thing looks like a beast! <IMG SRC="">
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    analogic you have a good argument, cars have to have soul. But this thing is just cool. There's no way around it.<!-- Signature -->
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    hey RS, yeah, that is probably the most beautiful car ive ever seen. well maybe not, but good enough to put as my wallpaper. its got a more beautiful ass than does jennifer lopez.
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    Alalogic... Man what happened? You still play that game? People who grew up on that game are like 25-30 years old, like me. Do you have comic books too? Do you play with yourself while looking at female cartoon caracters? Do you play Tomb Raiders just to stimulate yourself sexually? Well do you? What is your malnufunction numbnut?<!-- Signature -->
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    this is a hot car. honda is doing everything right...they make some amazing automobiles. this car is just crazy thats all there is to it. i would kill 4 this car. tha price is worth it if u ahve ever seen an NSX in person than u understand what im tlaking about. a 6 cylinder with 8 cylinder performance...i love it..this car beats A LOT of car on tha road
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    OH MY GOD a reasonable person on this forum?!?!?! way to go impala. your name implies something totally different, and when i saw that you had posted, i wanted to see what jap bashing had occured. much to my surprise, you are intellegent. <IMG SRC=""> thank you, and i hope you really do have a big ole impala. i love the 90's ones. they just like, take over the road where they are. i dunno, pretty cool.
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    good point. rolls royce vs. trans am.

    hmm.... id have to think about that one...
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    If you're gonna roll slow, at least pick up a Bentley... and WTF, Dhalsim? That guy couldn't kick his own ass with his stretchy legs. SF played out after the millionth sequel what kind of rock have you been living under... as for the Hondas being boring, take your arguement up with the S2000... <!-- Signature -->
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    I can't think of very many fast cars that look like shit.
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    big Vtec! you said nothing of importance here! Regaurdless I'll answer you. I do play Street Fighter. No to the rest of the questions.

    DOG4LIFE: The S2000 is Hondas best car! I wont dispute that at all. Regaudless the fact I cant stand Honda, I'll give that car credit because its a good car.

    I will always give credit where credit is due. Regaurdless of my bias.

    As for Bentleys being slow. Compare the 0-60 time and Top Speed of the 1990 NSX (The Supercar!) to the Bentley Personal Commission a "2 door sedan". Report back to me! Tell me what it says? Bentleys are everything but slow!

    As for SF! I stick to whats the best not whats "The In Thing!" I don't play DOA because it's gameplay is nowhere near SF's. But thats totally beside the point and I shouldnt have even brought it up.<!-- Signature -->
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    I didn't say they were slow, roll slow as in drive them slow. Bentleys look like a million bucks after all... hehe...<!-- Signature -->
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    u can hate hondas, but understand that they are good cars, and that even though civics are an everyday thing, the prelude on the other hand is an exceptional automobile. respect where respect is deserved. different styles gain different respect. and dont u dare say that the mustang has handling like a type r integra..what were u dropper on your head? mustangs suck. i've driven my friends mustang and it turns like a friggin brick.
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    Ok Torn18Si: Sounds like you just want to get mad at me just because you don't like the fact I can hate Honda but respect it. Fine.

    Your Prelude may be a good car, but it still for drones man. First it's a Honda, 2ndly it's a regular everyday Honda. It's common as hell, and it's a front wheel drive sports car? No real sports car is Front Wheel Drive. For that price of a prelude I could have got a better 2 door coupe thats more of a sports car. Example MR2. RWD Mid engine about the same price for a Prelude, or RX7. + Toyota name holds more weight to car dealerships (If planning on selling the car).

    Ive driven different year Preludes many times and there pretty good cars, I'm not disputing that. But there drone cars also. You go to a custom car show. 90% of the cars are Hondas. If you plan to buy a car and are going to add mods. Honda is good at doing that! But whatever you do has and will be done over and over again! Make this a project for yourself. When driving down the street count how many Hondas there are, then count on how many custom cars are Hondas. Check import tuner, Sport Compact car etc. see how many Hondas there are. There all over the place!

    Partially because there good cars! Yes I agree. But like it or not the other half reason is because Honda heads need to be shown it can be done. They have to see it being cool first. They can't make it cool themselves.

    Originality means more to me than to you! That doesnt mean I'm right and your wrong. It's just 1 main reason why I wont ever get into Hondas (except maybe S2000).<!-- Signature -->
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    1 more thing Torn18Si: You said mustangs can't handle as good as Integras and Civics?:

    November 2000 Road & Track stats for Acura Integra GS-R and SVT Cobra

    Integra GS-R Stats as follows: Lateral G Skidpad .80G's (RSX .92)
    Slalom 62MPH

    Cobra Stats: Stats as Follows: Lateral G Skidpad ..85G's (Cobra R .99)
    Slalom 64.5MPH Cobra wins....
    Cobra R Also has better road hold than the S2000(.90G) And better slalom than NSX (62.1MPH) and Lateral G (.92)

    You guys got to get it out of your head that because it's American it's not good in handling. This is an example of Ford beating Honda THIS TIME. It can go both ways. I sure you can give me something that shows a Honda beat a Ford. I'm not bias of Country. Most Hondas in Canada are made in Canada. Very similar results in the US. So whos building your Honda? An American who probably got the job becuase he was a mechanic or what ever from a GM or Ford company. So torn18Si. I hope this clears afew things up. If you have some Prelude information Ill be gald to here it.<!-- Signature -->
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    i was comparing the GT to the integra. thats more in the same league. it hasnt been worked on by SVT. i live in Houston and i see more chevy's on the road than i do hondas. i dont see many preludes as nice as mine, i dont see many preludes at all. i do agree that i would love my car more if it was rear wheel drive, it would be much more fun to drive. i love american and japanese cars, and i would love an RX7 over a prelude anyday. the MR2's havent impressed me enough yet to consider one. i would never in a second own a civic, a coupe accord maybe. i'm not just look for something to be angry at u about, i'm not angry at all except the comment about mustangs. the only mustangs i like are the 2002 GT's witht he ram air, Cobras, and Saleens...and of course the ol' classics. u seem very well educated on cars and i just enjoy a good argument to see how many good points i can bring up. so dont get too upset man.
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    Torn18Si: Coolbreeze... I'm not really upset. It's easy for people to read into things when there isn't a face to go with the words. I guess I came across really angry when I really wasn't.

    Hondas make the best handling FWD cars. And I do mean- . (watch american GT racing. Acura seems to always be in the top 2 (Honda and BMW rule the GT) But as tuning cars go. Hondas bore me. Thats just me though.

    However if I wasnt an enthusiast and planning to modify my car the 2 car companies I would seriously look at are Honda and Buick because both are reasonably priced and there the "OLD Faithful" of the Japanese and American world. <!-- Signature -->
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    Something you have to remember in all this too, is that imports almost ALWAYS outlast the domestics. So ya, the Cobra may beat the Integra, but lok\ok at them in the long run, its more then likely that the Integra would REALLY OUTLAST the Cobra.

    Oh, and about saying that barely any sports cars are fron-wheel drive, take a look at the TVR Tuscan Speed Six.

    Not tryin to argue, just makin a point =P<!-- Signature -->
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    Umm, i think u got a few things wrong.

    First, you are comparing a integra gs-r to a mustang cobra, and i think you are supposed to compare a integra type r to the cobra.

    ANd 2nd thing, NSX can go through the slalom at over 70mph, not 64mph!
    And the integra type r can do the slalom at about 65mph, not 62!

    I got this info in Motortrend.

    One last comment, the stats in all kinds of magazines are not accurate becuz there are different drivers testing them. And if you are good enough, you can even do better than the stats.

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