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  1. fast or fastest?
  2. I want one if they make a cabriolet-version of it.
  3. well judging by the way chevy and dodge are having an ongoing battle with their respective cars i.e. corvette and viper, this is most likely going to be the corvette to go over 200. going off of what the Z06 is already doing the new ZR1 is most likely gonna be able to do 0-60: 3.2-3.4 0-100: 7.5-7.9 quarter mile of possible mid 11 and a max top speed of 215, keep in mind these are all estimates based on prior performance quotes. however you wanna look at it it's gonna be a pretty badass corvette.
  4. And a flower vase holder?
  5. I don't expect it to hit 60 much faster than the Z06. I expect it to hit 60 in a tenth or two faster, but traction is going to limit this car.
  6. i have no doubt in my mind that it's gonna be under 3.5 second
  7. The only question is if this will be able to compete with the Scudera and the GT3 around the track?
  8. Rule numero uno: Stay away from suggesting performance convertables to avoid capital punishment.

    Rule numero dos: don't eat the yello snow.

    Newton's fist law of awesomness: convertibles are stupid.

    Newton's second law of awesomness: coupes are awesome.
  9. The Z06 already kicks the GT3's ass around a variety of tracks. This car is less track oriented than either of those two yet it's still faster than the Z06 in both turns and straights.
  11. The Z06 is already in the mid 11s in magazine tests. At least one drag racer broke the 11 second barrier with a bone stock Z06. Even the tires were stock.
  12. well like i said i'm just basing the performance off of prior performance quotes
  13. well like i said i'm just basing it off of prior performance quotes for the Z06
  14. Why would you say that the ZR-1 could possibly do mid 11s when the Z06 is already doing mid 11s?
  15. i'm just basing it off of what this site quotes the Z06 at, and they're just quotes i'm not saying that's exactly what they're gonna be
  16. That's cool. I've seen ETs ranging from 10.981 to 12.2 for the Z06.
  17. yeah bone stock i've seen 10.8ish with drag radials and up to 12.7 with stock tires
  18. I saw 10.981 bone stock including the stock tires.
  19. hmm it's hard to believe a stock Z06 could pull 10.981, i'm guessing it had some sort of modification done to it...prolly nothing very big though
  20. That's only about about 1/2 sec faster than most magazine tests. One of the major magazines got 11.2. That's not surprising for a car that weighs 3200 lbs and has 500 hp. The 10.981 was done at a drag strip where there was plenty of rubber laid down. A skilled drag racer can usually beat automotive journalists anyway. I'll try to find the link.
  21. the fiat panda did 10.508 i saw it! with stock tires!
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  23. They won't make one... You're retarded for wanting one...
  24. The ZR1 uses magnetic ride shocks with launch control and it also has tires that were designed specifically for it. I think this car will probably get better traction than the Z06.
  25. You mean you're just making shit up...

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