HSV would kick its arse

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    the M5 is superior.<!-- Signature -->
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    The M5 is obviously a superior car, even if a couple of strung-up Aussies on this site do not want to admit it. It is faster in basically every aspect of performance ( I am basing this on a test by Car and Driver ), it has superior build quality and craftsmanship, it looks much better in my opinion (the HSV looks like a Pontiac on steriods), and it boasts that exclusitivity that BMW ///M gives you. The HSV is awfully fast, but even if it were faster I would still argue that the M5 is a better car. Motor magazine could only get the M5 to 60 in 5.5 seconds, which is nearly a second slower than the times it has ripped in American magazines. Also in that test, the E55 was slower than average too. It seems like Motor magazine drove the Bimmer and the Benz extra slow so the HSV could win<IMG SRC="http://www.supercars.net/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
    BMW forever!!!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Im sorry, this is a stupid argument...the M5 is the obvious winner. It looks soooo much better. Its faster. It handles about the same. Its German engineering...How many people have brag about having an "Australian engineered" car?<!-- Signature -->
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    I think everyone misunderstood. BMW and Merc both make much superior cars. I drive a modified E30 and my folks drive AMG's. Motorsport and AMG offer much more exclusiveness than HSV's do here in australia there everywhere. But Motor did post a faster lap time in the GTS is what I'm saying. Now that doesn't make it a better car. Anyone that goes by performance times as the bench mark for a car is an idiot.

    But around the ring, it did make it a quicker car. Which is fine if you ask me. Not to many people run people around race tracks so the better brakes on the HSV aren't really going to make much diffrence. They simply help aviod having an accident.

    I agree that the mercs and bmws are better cars with out a doubt. But for half the price HSV has a great thing on their hands.

    Also about the performance times. In Europe you run a higher octane fuel than we do here in Australia, that would cause the diffrence in times that you mentioned.
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    The M5 has one thing an HSV will never have. Actually it has many things an HSV will never have: Class, amazing handling, luxury. And I said it once and I'll say it again: M5 is the fastest Saloon car in the world. No other 4 dr. sedan can touch it!<!-- Signature -->
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    The GTS did beat this at the nurburgring. And about the HSV not having luxury, have you ever sat in one? i have and they have very comfortable seats and heaps of leg room. The GTS looks better than the m5 and it looks like its fast when you see one from a distance unlike the m5 which looks similar to all the other bmws
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    Holden/HSV Lovers, just accept it, The BMW M5 is faster, safer, and more luxury than HSV will ever be. And more chicks will go for a guy in an M5 than a GTS because its European and expensive. OK i know this is more expensive, but hey, you only get what you pay for!
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    Yes all BMWs look alike.
    Lets look at Holden/HSVs line-up.
    The Commodore, Berlina, Calais, XU6, Clubsport, R8, Senator, Senator 300, GTS-300 and the SV300 all which ARE the same car with very minor changes.
    Then there is the Monaro CV6 and CV8, the HSV GTO and GTS coupe - all looking alike and very similar to their 4-door counterparts.
    a GTS would be lucky to still have the BMW in sight after about 10 laps.

    "Yet the M5's unsprungs proved more composed and able to lay down the power on Willow's torturous 1.1-mile long ribbon, allowing it to lap about a quarter of a second faster."
    Now what I get from this is that in 4 laps the BMW is 1 second ahead, now if this test is done with non-bias drivers and both vehicles are FULLY operational then the M5 will win.
    Now looking at these two cars performance wise all I have to say is; HSV, not for me.
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    I would take the "ancient" pushrod 5.7 LS1 over the M5 engine anyday.
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    The HSV's look a lot different to the holdens and they are more agressive, which is good because if you have a car worth so much more and is a lot faster you dont want it looking like the slow ones. Also I have been in both the HSV and the M5 and there is no difference in comfort and the features are fairly similar
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    You're retarded. Where the hell did you come up with this?

    The M5 rapes the HSV.
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    You're retarded. Where did you come up with this observation.
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    HSV r shittest quality cars on this whole planet. i was a victim of their bloody marketing scams. they got the worst interiors and build quality out of the 4 manufacturers that make their cars in australia. they still cum with cassette players, even the supposedly luxury ones. the interior falls apart within the first couple of months and the car is shit slow(speaking from experience).
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    seats and leg room? oh, how stupid of me. its all HSV can provide.
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    well for alot of people that is important because they are tall. The HSV has good head room and enough space to easily fit 5 adults. The air conditioning, safety and security features are world class
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    At least BMW make their own engines, unlike holdens chev inherited ancient pushrods. The BMW engine is 100 times better than the HSV's
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    What about that Laguna Seca M3 with the 750iL engine!!!
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    Thats a pretty stupid comment, you can tune an LS1 to make 530hp.

    Go back to Sunday school Flanders and do some more research.
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    Well didn't the article say the GTS handlded better than the M5?
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    Well you'd think so but I've seen magazine articles where Peter Brock has praised the Ford more so than the HSV being compared.
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    Oh of course, the cars chicks go for must be the best, well you can have your 318i and flash Beemer keys around for your chicks and I'll enjoy an SS for the same money.
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    You are the biggest retard on this website to ever make a post. There is nothing wrong with Holden interiors or build quality, especially when compared to the other 3 manufacturers in Australia. VX series II was the last car to come with a cassette player, no VY's have them. Even if they did, this is not an issue to whinge about, there are believe it or not a few people who still have cassettes. I've never seen any interior fall apart on any Commodore within the first couple of months. And compared to the other 3 manufacturers in Australia, and many from around the world, Holden make fast cars.

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    Well Holden did make their engines until 1999 (V8's) and did a damm fine job of it too...CSV did even better with the same engines.
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    though rear view visibilty could mean the death of ur toddler

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