I am now a changed man.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mr Putin, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. To most people this thread will look really stupid, and most of you will laugh and probably want me to fail, but i really don't give a shit.

    This change is going to take place over the next 2 years, 2014 & 2015 For the next 730 days, im going to carry a diary with me everywhere i go. And each day im going to make enteries, about the positives things i did each day. How each day went.

    Things like working out, not being depressed etc etc. Another big change im going to make is my diet. Im skinny as f**k, and because of this i dont have energy. I just feel tired all the time, tired and unmotivated. And also get an evening job.

    And not everything i've posted about me is a lie. In the last year i've made 48 Actual trades on the NYSE & Nasdaq and have a 100% record. I started off with 16k borrowed from parents. So far it's

    Aristocrat- NYSE
    38- 0

    Aristocrat- Nasdaq
    6- 0

    Aristocrat- TSE
    1- 0

    3 trades are still open.
    All this effort trading still made me less than 10k.


  2. Good for you man
  3. Pretty happy to see the back of 2013 here tbh.
    Not that I really believe any day has any more importance than any other.
  4. for me, the change of the year gives me motivation,something to start from. key here for me is to keep it going
  5. Thx, the plan is to stick it out every day for the next 2 years. Won't be easy.

    Life's too short only 1 chance to live, im not going to be depressed and miserable anymore.
  6. Keep it up mate.
  7. I'm actually going to take you seriously for once and give you some advice.

    Take it from someone who has been miserable and awfully depressed, it's not as easy as saying, that's it, January 1st, i'm a new man.

    It's a process, and a slow one at that, but even tiny progress is progress and you should be proud of that. It's important to take it day by day, let's say you screw up a week from now, it'll be a lot easier to just say #$%# it, and let things go downhill, but you need to rewire your brain to think differently. Ok, I did well for one week, but I had one bad day, it's not the end of the world, and keep on goin.

    Since I told myself I would turn my life around, after my suicide attempt, it's been about a year and a half, and looking back on it now, i've mad A LOT of progress, but if I piece it out day by day, week to week or even month to month, it does not feel like I did much.

    As far as this thing about how life is one shot, only one chance , go go go, it's also important to remind yourself it's more of a marathon than a race.

    Good look to ya man, and Happy New Year.
  8. thx and i know im gonna have bad days, i've done this before for 6 months, and everything was good and then i fell again.

    this is why this time im not doing it for 6 months but 2 years.

    Difference this time though is im going to keep track of each day for the next 2 years( as crazy as that sounds).

    This way i can look back and not let me the bad days deter me.

    My thing is i really have nothing to be depressed about, but i just cant find happyness. I used to have panic attacks a few times, but that was a long time ago.

    Anyways good luck to you too, and happy new year
  9. Keep track of every day until you die.

    Also, go explore the world.
  10. Travel, travel and travel.

    Don't work, have a career or even raise a god damn family. Just #$%#ing travel like theres no tomorrow and blame capitalism. Take pictures of poor and unfed childs and make sure to tag them in Facebook so you are seen as someone who cares and knows their misery. Then, take a while to relax by traveling to the next country in your 747 and start sorting pictures on the MacBook Pro you bought with student loans.

    Then, YOU will know what "life is" and "what the world is all about"!
  11. Good for you. Apparently im dealing with a shitload of stress, that i wasn't aware of, now i'm dealing with hyperventilation/panic attacks, because of that. Not cool.

    I think im gonna work less this year. Doing everything tranquillo and stop giving a #$%#
  12. stress is a pain and very dangerous, take care of it however you can. I know I will.
  13. I don't know if you're joking or serious when you say keep track of everyday. I think keeping track of 2 years will be hard enough.

    I'll maybe go to vegas sometime this year, not really exploring as i have been there before.
  14. Stress is what causes depression. And panic attacks are the worst because you always feel like something bad will happen.

  15. yah. thought i had a heart attack when it first occurred. completely panicked.
  16. Ya i just felt scared but nothing like a heart attack. More like felt paranoid. But i've been better lately so all good. Good luck to you too man.

    Can't wait till Wheelman comes into this thread and calls us all sissies.
  17. Stay focus and you'll do it.
  18. Gentlemen as i navegate through the meditirrenean waters on my luxurius yacht an epiphanie hit me and this epiphanie is that as i stand before you today i am a broken but changed man all this wealth that I have ammassed is nothing but a frievoulis thing and the only true luxery is to be in peace with myself
  19. Good luck dawg, I hope you can do it
    Expect some hurdles along the way though, too many people get excited about the prospect of change, and then quickly go down once the excitement goes away, and they realize that it actually IS hard work to make something of yourself
  21. Keep track of these two years in the manner you're going to. It'll teach you focus and reflection skills which you can and should use for the rest of your life. After you're done with these 2 years, you'll be able to mentally keep track of every day, and maybe just write things down when their relevant. Might only be once a week but it'll keep you going.

    How long are you going to Vegas for?
  22. Raising a family. The #1 recommended solution to depression the world over.

    Travel and work don't have to be two separate things, either.
  23. Don't try to cheapen the idea of changed by saying you're a 'changed man'. You're barely any different from when you woke up the day before. Change only comes with time and effort - which is ultimately what will give you satisfaction should you continue to endeavour to change.
  24. Im not going to vegas yet, maybe end of Feb or early march, thats when it's the cheapeat. Probably for 3 nights, weekdays.

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