I like it.

Discussion in '2007 Opel GTC Concept' started by Panzer, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. The look is rather in your face, and once that intial wtf? passes, the car looks great.
  2. What a sharp concept!Very very very cool! And that's hard to say of a GM.
  3. can i get some tech specs?...looks alright
  4. Saturn Aura coupe.... drool...
  5. those exhaust pipes are a tad over the top though
  6. Is this really Opel? I mean, it looks seriously good!
  7. I'm not sure I like the size.
  8. yeah GM has been getting a bit better these days.
  9. GM is definitely seeing a styling renaissance. I look forward to seeing new Opels because they have a chance to be evaluated for U.S. Saturn sales. The rear half reminds me of the Bentley Continental GT, except for those obnoxious tailpipes.
  10. i'd marry the wheels
  11. I like the funky looking lights, very eye catching, it looks ok.
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  13. Reminds me of the new Camry...
  14. the lights kick ass on this car.
  15. looks awesome but, SPEC ARE NEEDED

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