I love the looks.

Discussion in '2000 Ford Saleen Mustang S-281' started by Delorean DMC-12 Rocks, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. that says it all. what is everyone elses thoughts? you have to admit its better then a stock model.<!-- Signature -->
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    I hate Saleen's wings. Other than that it is beautiful.<IMG SRC="http://www.supercarforums.com/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif"> I love the center exhaust option.<IMG SRC="http://www.supercarforums.com/servlets/cMsg/html/emoticons/smile.gif">
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    yea i love the looks too...im gettin one for graduation problably or a viper, but i kinda like this more, everyone thinks im crazy but yea....
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    $30,000 for a car that is tops in its class is not bad at all! 4.8 to 60mph, over .9 g's on the skidpad and over 70 mph in the slalom are awesome numbers for a car that is so cheap! Gotta love what ford and saleen have done with this car! And what the hell is up with the big S351? 495 HP and numbers only slightly better than its littler brother! Why pay the extra money?
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    sorry to disapoint you, but the price is wrong. expect to pay at least $45,000. also, it has the GT engine, which is SOHC, not the cobras. there is good news, you can always get a 2001 cobra, its $30,000 and has the same performance numbers.
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    the looks are great and its an exciting ride but if only the build quality was a tiny bit better. some certain things do go wrong and since saleen stopped hand building the 281 and 281 sc.

    ive raced two saleens in my 68' roadrunner and they schooled me on the curvys but i blew them away on anything straight......
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    I really like the looks but how come ford is putting the roush out than this
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    roush and saleen are seperate companies, not owned by ford.
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    I hate the looks. I don't care what anyone says!<!-- Signature -->
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    this car is an american badass piece of crap
    if looks could kill id be 6 feet underground
    its sad but the BMW X5 lemans can kick its ass, damn i dont even like it, but its a fact
    why the hell would someone want to put this noisy piece of shit in their driveway?
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    it alright i need faster i want 2 hit 200 mph
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    Damn nice.
    Camaro - go to hell!<!-- Signature -->
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    If you, XbLaDez, think that this BMW is faster take a look in the Mustang Saleen SR, or even the Saleen S7 Le Mans.

    Show me a car and I'll show The Ford who will smoke him.<!-- Signature -->
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    Man I saw this the other day in black/black......DAMN!!!!!!!! Even my mom was saying that she wanted this. Maybe ill get this used for around 30k. Black/Black. Oh yeah ill be having fun.
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    Yea, the Saleen does look nice, but i personally perfer like Midnight Metalic Blue or silver<!-- Signature -->
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    oh yea, the saleen comes with this crazy rainbow paint!!!
    I saw it on a website
    EFF ING CRAZY!!!!!!!!!
    Its like a weird color blue that shines SOOOOO GOOD!!!
    I mean, with the Rainbow paint, u could see through the Car!
    it will set u back like 11grand, but thats the cost of such a good paint job!<!-- Signature -->
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    350hp at the rear wheel
    that would kick a shnitzers ass in 1 look
  18. Re: youre not getin a Viper or a saleen s-281

    what the hell ya lien 4??
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    this car has the agressive lean and look i am lookin for.
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    Very nice! This car looks mean and tough, like its ready for any competitor. If only it had 400hp! It would be competing with the zo6!!!
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    that would be one of the toughest competitors of the z06
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    one word.....awsome
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    this car is now a collector and very pricy one. yes i just love this car. it has all the sporty look and all the powre that an american muscle car should have.



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