I tried killing myself last night

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. drank a bottle of vodka and swallowed 60 klonopins, bunch of tylenol, lexapro, ability. Just a bunch of shit.

    Theres more than meets the eye usually. I really feel depressed, and it's not just about the girl. I feel like I don't have the capacity to be happy.

    Anyway, stomach pumped, I have to see a shrink now. Meh.
  2. Do you feel like even more of a failure for failing to kill yourself?
  3. No, not meh. Don't #$%#ing "Meh" about your life. Life is precious, and don't toss it away. Seriously.

    Look man, I know lots of people, including myself, who have struggled and are struggling with serious mental health issues. You can get through this okay (well, you can live with a mental illness, you don't really "get over it") if you commit to being honest with your doctor, and most of all your self. Never be afraid to reach out to your loved ones.

    Please don't go on about how you have no reason to live. Clearly, you need to get on meds, or have your current med load changed, and begin serious therapy.

    If you don't have the capacity to be happy, it is most likely chemical in nature. I am going through the hardest time I have experienced in my life right now (including getting sober), and I'm telling you, giving up is not the answer. Don't be a dumbass.
  4. You idiot. Look where you are in life. You go to university. You have an ok family. Not even worth doing that over some girl.
  5. You #$%#ing Muppet. You might not care about yourself right now, but there are obviously a shit ton of people who actually do.

    #$%# suicide mother #$%#ers makes me #$%#ing angry!!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>

    You have so much to live for you dickhead.
  6. I know the reason i'm unhappy is chemical,that's the way i've been all my life, unhappy even when I should be ecstatic. I guess it's time for the happy pills now.
  7. Seriously dude, we have seen you and have talked to you for a long time. Some of us really do care about each other. I myself care. If you want to talk sometime add me on facebook.
  8. agreed.

    I have a speech prepared for such things if a friend/family member commits suicide. all of my friends and family know how I feel about such things and I have told every one of them that I will say it at their funeral if they ever commit suicide. I have given the speech 3 times. I have also had to flee a funeral home and 2 churches after giving such a speech. if you do end up killing yourself I will show up at your funeral and give said speech.
  9. Well, I guess the project to raise a kid as internet forum did not really work out well

    I hope the medical/mental help you receive now will give your life (hey, you still have it) a positive twist somehow
  10. I am disappointed with you. You should be better than this.
  11. Medication isn't going to cure you, it's only going to help. It's also not a cop out. If you don't take medication seriously, you're going to be up shit creek without a paddle. It is not going to make everything better overnight. However, medication will help, and it will help tremendously. SSRIs are great.
  13. it's not worth it. take life for what it is and get some help. you're lucky to still be alive, i had a friend kill himself when he was 13. i can't say i know what clinical depression is like but whatever you're going through in life, other people have made it through that and much worse so its never so bad you should end yourself.

    also, don't be selfish. its not fair to the people that care about you.
  14. I remember the v2 thread where you asked how to make a noose, you are a little git.
  15. When I think about what my grandparents went through, trying to dig themselves out of war-torn rubble in Germany and Italy, immigrating to Canada, leaving their families, friends, jobs, all the support and contacts they ever had, leaving it all behind, starting a new life from scratch with no credentials, no language skills, absolutely nothing....

    And then raising my parents, who had to go through 60's era immigrant persecution and bigotry, put all that aside, learn the language, do the schooling, buckle down and start making money so they could have children in a home that wasn't privy to the bullshit they had to put up with...

    And then think about all the advantages you've been gifted with, and you think YOU have the right to be depressed about ANYTHING...

    It makes me want to wring your neck.
  16. lol
  17. Lol neck wring
  18. wring it good
  19. for some reason devo popped into my head when I read this
  21. Yea, Wheelman is right, i would wring your neck also. You have more opportunities than you are grateful for. But he is also wrong in that being depressed is a choice. Going by your history here i can assume its been with you and you never received treatment. there are other members who have had it much worse than you and would tell you that you are being impulsive. dont throw your future away by hurting your body. You will regret it. Stay in school and graduate. Go out if you wish. Do things you like. Dont give up yet, stay in the world you dont know what the next day will bring.
  22. wring it into shape
  23. It is entirely a matter of choice. Or rather, a matter of strength of mind. People who subscribe to the "humans are victims" mentality are largely self-indulgent blame seekers.

    Decide to be an excellent man, and then make it happen. There's no reason not to, and nothing stopping you from doing it. You clearly are aware that you're a bag of shit since you're here telling us about your bullshit attitude. Well #$%#ing make a change. You've got every tool you need at your disposal, and on top of that you've got parents backing you up, and an education in progress, a network of friends, a supply of income or allowance... you can do anything you want, including changing your attitude! JUST #$%#ING DO IT!

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