I want an

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by valcom111t, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. aircraft carrier soooooo badly. On Discovery right now there's a show about sinking an old one as an artificial reef and they have all sorts of cool shots.
  2. stupid.
  3. are you retarded? imagine how much pollution that thing would put out!
  4. You mean sinking it? They totally strip the ship.
  5. where would you keep it? in your pocket?
  6. oh i thought you meant to sail it around.
  7. Well I want one also.
  8. #$%#ing +1
  9. holy shit, the similar avatars totally tripped me out.
  10. valcom's a dirty thief!
  11. wut?
  12. lol holy #$%#!
  13. I want to kill you all n00bs. I invented avatar ztealing ages ago. STFU.

    Also I want a nuklear aircraft carrier. Or with sails.
  14. stfu n00b.
  15. Aim higher. Why not an aircraft shuttle? Or the international space station!?
  16. *death star, sun
  17. cuz i like boats
  18. !!!!!!
  19. long, hard boats, right up your ass.
  20. AYO!
  22. You can be my pirate anytime, big boy.
  23. The last few posts got me hard.

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