i want one

Discussion in '1938 Lincoln Model K LeBaron Converible Sedan' started by Chevy, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. do you ?
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    nope, not in a million years, rather walk than be seen in this gay POS.
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    And buy the way chevy get one I own one and its sweeet none of these ignorant people know what they are talking about they just look at it and say its stupid but they are totally ignoring the FACTS!!!!

    Here are some of the facts:
    It can climb 16 inch steps, go though 2 foot deep rivers, two-speed electrically controlled full-time 4WD system, third row seating, extra tire, capable of reducing the vehicle's gear ratios, low-range throttle progression, Single Wheel traction control system, self-leveling air spring suspension system, extends the tire over the rim of the wheel, triple sidewalls, independent front torsion bar, chassis specially tuned for superior off-road performance, 10 inch minimum ground clearance, programmable driver settings, Vortec V8, 325HP, and 34 inch tires do you think that's bad NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can any other SUV on the market do that but at the same time being civilized?????
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    your just stupid, rich #%$!
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    being rich is cool, worked hard to get there. its so easy to afford these things.
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    rich is cool but not skinny dorks likeYOU!!!!!!!
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    -Brief imitation below-

    *SNORT*SNORT* Being rich is cool *SNORT* coming up with $52,000 sucking dick is hard work! *SNORT* They're so easy to afford I had to work hard on hard-ons *SNORT* Making secondary accounts to snob at people is cool *SNORT* My car is so cool I never drive it, and so instead I sit at my computer all day to snob at people *SNORT*

    GET A LIFE YOU FILTHY, SELF-PRAISING DUMBASS! If I had the opporotunity to be rich, where the only catch was I'd have to be like you, then **** THAT! I'd rather live paycheck-to-paycheck than to have to prove to myself that I'm so much better than others like your average, everyday LOSER.

    btw: I don't know who it was that origionally came up with the snort approach, but I thank thee as it has come in really handy throughout many forums (see above)!

    Final note: I seriously doubt that you're even old enough to drive: you have the grammar of an uneducated 12 year old who dives the net and imitates others as best they can. Rich people 'present' themselves as being intelligent and successful, neither of which you have done! Quit yabbering and get an education, and maybe one day you really WILL own one, rather than hump the tailpipe on your daddies H2, freak!
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    it's a pretty cool SUV but as a hummer is blows
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    right on
  10. You're an idiot

    Yeah i like driving a $50,000 box on wheels. It makes me look like I'm a rap star. Perhaps i can get some 30 inch wheels and no-profile tires cause I am an idiot. Shame on you General Motors. I would rather have you bring back the F-body than this turd of an SUV. Thank God you still have the Vette Z06 or you'd be screwed...
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    id much rather have a lambo
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    yes i do
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    ok. you were doing pretty good until you got to the bottom and said it had 34 inch tires.it only has like 25 inch.
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    i'd much rather #$%# the girl on the hood of the lambo!
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    i know that. im not an afgan

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