Illegal Bargeboards

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  1. Ferrari raced the F399 for 15 races with illegal bargeboards.
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    Get your Facts right 2 Races
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    No, 15.
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    sorry, they were found by FIA not to be illegal, that means they were legitimate. They didnt cheat, Mclaren just couldnt compete
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    mclaren couldnt compete huh. just like how mclaren used beryllium in their engines and ferrari tried to do the same but couldnt make it work. but instead they convinced the FIA to ban it. who couldnt compete here. besides mclaren beat them in 99 so that doesnt change anything.
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    how did theyt use beryllium in their engines?
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    I don't often agree with you, but yeah, the banning of Berylium was a bit lame...
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    I agree with you but i donŽt think that McLaren is as good as Ferrari is, if you donŽt believe me, just look at the F1 championship. I donŽt mean that the beryllium thing was a good thing by Ferrari ( they do crazy things sometimes) but McLaren was winning at that time, and when someone is winning on the F1, everybody feels bad about that one.

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