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  1. you guys r all dum asses, the stock engine in these r integra type-r engines way under modified. look into more of it and you'll be amazed like i was....

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    Nope only the cars that were imported into the states have had that engine conversion. The engine out of the box is the MG/R K-series.<!-- Signature -->

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    No I think you're the dumbass here pal.
    The only ones that have the Type-R engine are the ones that were Imported here by some comapany sun something,lol anyways I forgot the name but my point is. The ones that have the TYpe-R engine are good for about 190bhp not 120 something like this one.
    And those ones are way faster too obviously.

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    Not "all" that were imported here have the Type-R engine,like the Elise 190 sport(doesn't have type-r engine) was imported to the U.S. but it was for track use only,the one with the Type-R engine had 190bhp like the"190 sport"
    but it is street legal,#$%#ing wicked!

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  7. The rover K 1.8 I4 has been in the elise in various states of tune. As stated before in this thread it was the original engine (from 1996 and on).

    For the elise S1:
    The original 1.8 Rover K engined version had 118bhp. (this is the type I owned).
    Later, rover added variable valve timing using an epicyclic mechanism, which resulted in a power output of 147bhp from the 1.8 K. This was put in the Elise S1 and lotus dubbed that car the Elise 111S ("Mark 111" is the S1 Elise's type designation in Lotus development-speak).
    Later on, the VVC engine was upgraded to 159bhp. Lotus continued selling the elise with the VVC engine as the 111S.
    LotusSport took some of the 118bhp engined cars off the production line, pulled the heads off the engines and quick'n'dirty ported them, adding a sporty exhaust, giving that model 135bhp. It was sold as the Elise Sport 135.
    LotusSport later took other cars off the line, porting and tuning the engines up to 160bhp using hotter cams and different engine management. The first 50 were not even type apporved (they went through a special UK-only process called SVA to be allowed on the road).

    The first S1 Exiges had a 177bhp version of the 1.8K motor, which when the catalyser was removed could get up to about 190bhp (though from an emissions standpoint it was not supposed to be for the road). This engine is basically a 1.8K with forged pistons and very hot cams: it was referred to as a VHPD and was not from rover. These engines had a habit of grenading.

    The S2 elise had the same 1.8 as the original 118bhp K but with Lotus engine management giving 120bhp and better response characteristics. The 159bhp VVC engine also went on sale and the 135 came back in Sport 135R guise with very good suspension and tyres. Some 190bhp elises with vhpd engines were built too (called the sport 190 but never officially for sale).

    The S2 exige came out with the 1.8 toyota engine, mostly because the rover engines were nowhere near powerful enough or clean enough (they don't pass EuroIV emissions regulations, starting 2006). The 240R exige has a supercharged version of the 1.8 yota lump giving about 240bhp.

    Those are the "factory" engines.
    Others have taken their elises, removed the rover engine and replaced it with a number of others: Audi 1.8 turbo (250 and 300bhp), honda B18, Honda K20 (200bhp or 220bhp for the JDM version), Ford Duratec 2.0 and 2.3 wih approx 200 and 275bhp respectively), suzuki huyabusa turbo 300bhp, 1.4K rally engines - you name it, it's probably been tried).

    The most popular conversion seems to be the Honda K20A2 conversion... about 100 have been completed and they seem to be pretty reliable, as well as being astonishingly fast. The onlyone I know that's broken had done about 20,000 miles on a racetrack with a good driver and slick tyres. It broke at over 8000rpm on the straight towards Les Combes on the Spa track in belgium. If you can be bothered to look for the video - it's on the web somewhere.


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