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  1. Should I buy it? I live in Canada so I will have to unlock it which can be done by a friend for free. I really like the wifi but I hate apple products. Is it worth it? Does anyone else have an unlocked version of it and any problems?
  2. really expensive, not good for txting (if you do that) and they will brick the phone if you accidentaly update after its been unlocked.
  3. I'm thinking about buying one, too.

    I don't think that there are any unlocks for the new firm-ware, though.
  4. Yeah I heard the 1.3 or whatever cant be unlocked... yet
  5. Dont get one. I just got a moto Q9C that can do everything an Iphone can, but better, because it doesnt have a shitty, worthless touch screen. I got it for only 150 too. Full qwerty keyboard kicks mega ass.
  6. I'd wait 'til generation 2/3 to get one. They'll come with more space and all the jazz, plus by then your country will probably have a carrier for it, making it all legit.
  7. lol in Canada ? who is offering you a data plan?

    Good luck.
  8. The stone age piece of shit isn't even 3G
  9. Get a Nokia N95 8gig, I have one and its great. Wouldnt look at an iPhone for at least a year or two.
  10. in b4 350z
  11. It wouldn't have been stable enough in the US if they had chosen that path. Too many holes in the US 3G net for that.
  12. if just for wifi, any mda has that
  13. way too big.
  14. Q9C doesn't have wifi or even close to as large or as good of screen for videos. It doesn't have built in google apps either.
  15. Canada doesn't have proper 3g plans yet, that's a non-issue.
  16. Touchscreens aren't shitty.
  17. I wouldn't pay x-hundred dollars for an unlocked phone Apple is trying their hardest to dis-able. Wait till it comes out legit here.
  18. Macworld is next week, and they'll probably be announcing something new for the iPhone. I'm waiting until then to buy one.
  19. yeah, they are. they are when you have a small screen (relative to the size of your fingers) and they try to shove a keyboard onto it. You dont have tactile response, so its esy as piss to miss buttons and such.

    and my q9c runs on windows mobile. You can get pretty much all of those google aps for it. And it doesnt need wifi because its got signal pretty much everywhere.
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  21. What feature on the iPhone are you really after? Chances are some other device will do that aspect better and be legit in Canada, not to mention cheaper.
  22. Heh. If can get an N95, why would you even consider an iPhone?
  23. I have it/unlocked for more than 1 month. Im not too happy with it.
    The only good thing is awesome/huge/good quallity screen, after which any other screen looks like shit
  24. At the minute I am not considering getting one, I am not a fan of Apple at all but I could imagine the iPhone getting very good further down the line just not right now.
    Since I got my N95 I have been asking the question:

    Why don't Nokia make laptops?? I would imagine they would be very good.
  25. i have one, and i love it. and i HATE apple... when the iphone came out, i wanted to hate it, infact i was as big as an antifan boy as i could be, but the first time i played with it, i fell in love

    yes hitting the right buttons on the qwerty is a bit difficult at first, but the intelligent type fixes all of that, i just keep right along pressing the wrong keys and in the end, 9times/10 it gets me to the right word, and if it doesnt, its not like a huge problem to go back a letter or two and fix it.

    i bought mine just before 1.1.2 came out, so mine will be able to unlock if i want, i heard the ones that come with 1.1.2 from the box are more difficult

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