Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

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    To revisit this thread, some great cars, notably the Pantera have been born of this idea. But nationality doesn't necessarily effect engine quality/characteristics, although there are some stereotypicall national philosophies.
  3. Pinto's are actually very good and strong engines.
  4. it can work (De Tomaso, Ghia, etc.) but when you look at an italian car, it's like an art piece, its unique and refined, so then should the engine not be a reflection of that, something hand built, passionate, and above all, pupose built, not some mass produced chevy/ford engine that someone decided to cram in there
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  6. not steering technologies, mid engined cars are just typically more balanced and therefore usually handle better
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    An american engine, believe it or not, can be handbuilt and 'purpose built'.. They have gigantic aftermarkets plus factory parts/support.. there are all kinds of varieties and versions that spawn from base blocks.. like many corporations do, even Ferrari.

    If you look at american engines as just one broad group.. well its quite a large spectrum..

    Ford a pretty famous project, 526 cu. in. HEMI :cool: Already a hybrid from the factory but damn cool (that could be taken with literal meaning too since i remember they had overheating troubles from the factory) with the hemi if you ask me.
  13. LS7 F40>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EVERYTHING ELSE
  14. and BTW I'm talking about their V8s, because I want a retarded engine in a sexy italian body, and that's the only thing that americans can do, retardedly stupid V8s.

    Don't you even think that I was talking about the V6es that they make, they're all RUBBISH.

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    The F40 was perfection as it was. MAYBE you could try to improve perfection, but why?
  18. I knew you were "joking" all along. I just felt like insulting you.
  19. Haha wow, this is a funny thread. Yeah the Pantera is nice, if I had money id buy one. Its like a mini gt40 SORT OF. same principle, MR ford v8 powered sports car.
  20. American V8, V6, I4, anything, are (were) all just simple and last forever. This is what you're trying to say. The GM 2.8/3.1/3.4 V6 were just as useful as the 5.7L SBC V8.

  21. American V6's feel like they belong to farm machinery.
  22. Remind me, who were the last 4 teams in the World Cup? all european. Womens finalist at Wimbledon? both european. Mens finalist? both european.

    Everything, anyone ever does in any walk of life is done better by europeans, and it's the same with cars and engines.
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