its almost a jet plain ....... 9586 cc!!!!

Discussion in '2006 Hennessey Viper Venom 800R' started by speedboy, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. This car is a monster ... really from 0_60 in 2.9 and the engine is 9586 cc 1000bhp "like a veyron" .... its a masterpiece.
  2. wow 10L, they went too far
  3. omg. nawz qould make it better.
  4. It doesn't have 1000 bhp.
  5. Neither does the Veyron. It also doesn't have four turbochargers. It also doesn't weigh over two tons. It also doesn't cost over a million dollars. Did I miss anything?
  6. Yes, the Veyron has nearly 1000 bhp, and this doesn't.
  7. the Veyron has 1001hp to be exact, and this viper has 810, do learn to read please!
  8. It has 1001 PS = 987 hp.
  9. 1001 is a conservative figure. estimates put it as high as 1100HP at sea level.
  10. The Veyron production model is 987 HP... do learn to read please!
  11. I wish I could ban all you guys.
  12. 987 Bhp, you tool. And that's just an estimate.
  13. This is too stupid for me to respond to.
  14. Shut UP. He's #$%#ing correct.
  15. Afraid not. Anyone who would make that "correction" obviously has no #$%#ing clue what they're talking about.
  16. Bugatti rated it at 1001 PS for the cars sold in Europe, and 1001 hp for the North American cars. The project director was called on that by a journalist, and responded that the car produces between 1020 PS and 1040 PS, which is more than enough to cover both claims.

    And to the guy who started this post, I'm sure you meant plaNE, not plaIN. Stay in school.
  17. "1001 Bhp, you tool."
  18. doesnt matter,jackass the hennessey is still faster
  19. and none of you are even talking about the super aero?
    it has well over 1000hp and it goes 273mph.
  20. The only thing that this and a plane have in common is the displacement.

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