It's not all about speed

Discussion in '2001 Ford Mustang Bullitt GT' started by SLP CamaroSS, Oct 30, 2002.

  1. The Bullit is revived history with 265 hp. It's enough to smoke rubber off any tire. The Bullit also has the classic gages to remind you of when muscle cars were muscle cars. Did you know that the Bullit is faster than the Chevelle SS? The Chevelle did 0-60 in 6.1 seconds. Please, lets stop knocking this car.
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    THANKYOU!!! Someone who fianall realises that speed isnt everything and that you have to take other things into account.
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    really. u see people here all the time saying stuff like " the mini cooper sucks! the ferrari enzo would smoke it!'. all cars are made for a reason. some for speed, some not so fast, but rather built to carry alot of people like vans. even a roadster, like the miata.
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    -Made in the USA -

    I support the United States troops and our allies. Thank you for your sacrifice. You'll be home soon, victorious.
    HAVE YOU GUY SEEN WHAT4S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW IN IRAQ?is your mother or brother or sister gonna die there?NO,but it's some other"bad"iraqi people+children who are going to die there.what your govt.wants from iraq is OIL!!!Sadam is only a "justification" for that war!stop supporting a goverment that's killing people.the whole world is against the war and your acts create anti-american feelings.Just think about it and give peace a chance!!!
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    You are a f^cking moron if you think the war is all about oil. Get your stupid, tree hugging, hippie ass out of hear jackass. The whole world is not against the war, actually more people are for it then against it, you just won't see that on the news.
    Give peace a want another 9/11 moron. Peace would be great, but we don't live in your fantasy world, where war is no longer needed.
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    I don't want to offend you, but you live in a very delusional world, the war in Iraq is solely to protect Bush's financial interests.
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    I don't want to offend you but you know jackshit about it then. The people who are living in a delusional world are the ones making comments like that. How is spending billions of dollars protecting his financial interest...?
  9. Re: It's not all about speed do know that his family is heavily involved with the Oil Industry don't you? Without having to pay for the Oil they harvest and use for resale in the US, Bush's family will gross more annually.

    CNN's claims are far from accurate, and hardly an inside source, as it seems like you've been watching.
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    Ummm...why would we attack the Iraq then, why not a country that is in at least the top 5 oil producing countries in the world?
    We do not by much oil from Iraq, and we are not going to take them over and make them a new state. We are giving the country back to the people.
    People living a fantasy world are the ones claiming we are doing this for oil, we are not.
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    sure sure....
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    When these peace loving morons get their heads out of their asses maybe they will understand that they can protest things like this war because of us going to war to PROTECT their freedom to do so...
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    Protecting their freedom huh? I don't think it's very likely Iraq is going to invade and take over the US.
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    You don't need to invade to hurt a country, remember 9/11?
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    Do you remember all the hardcore airline security improvements?
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    Yep, it's exactly 2 months before remembrance day.
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    Then you understand that you don't have to enter a country to attack them, which is why people like sadam are so dangorous.
    And what day are you didn't happen in June.
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    "And what day are you didn't happen in June." ?<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>?

    2 months before remembrance day is September 11th.
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    My bad, I looked right over the word "before".
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    lol, gotcha <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    well said. finally someone with some common sense, and class. when i read through these forums, i cant help but laugh. EVERYONE in here is THE expert on automobiles, performance, engineering, and engine dynamics. 95 percent of the people in these forums have never even driven the cars with which they're claiming to know everything about. most of us own nothing better than a turbocharged import, or perhaps a 5.0 mustang with a flowmaster exhaust. yet we're all convinced that our opinion is THE only correct one. hence the word "opinion". anyone with enough money can make a car fast. hell, i've seen a daily driven 68 vw beetle do 10.3 in the quarter mile. i felt pretty good in my mustang at the time, until those lights lit up green, and he blew my doors off. does that mean his cars better, just because its faster, not to me. but you gotta respect people that put that much work into their ride. theres nothing like working on your car for weeks or months on end, and FEELING the difference in power, handling, and overall feel when you first take it out. point is, don't say things about cars just because you've read it in a magazine or memorized a few stats. alot of people criticize imports or domestic cars, never having even driven one, same goes for makes and models. don't talk smack about a car until you've had a few hours with it, or it could turn around and bite you in the ass.......
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    Shut up.
  23. It's not all about speed

    It's not all about speed.A old Mini look really funny to drive.YOu don't need toulsands of horsepowers to have fun with a car.
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    dont talk about vans on this site
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    A quote from your Sig:

    "TO ALL YOU RlCERS: A yellow sticker, 20" rims and a fart can DOES NOT make your car faster. American muscle DID, DOES, and ALWAYS will dominate the world of performance."

    1) not all import owners who modify their cars are stupid about it.

    2) Oh, really? and I suppose when an EF chassis Civic can be modified to blow the doors off a Viper SRT-10 in the 1/4 with a grand total cost of $9,000(cdn) it's NOT an amazing feat of performance? Get a grip on reality. For Production cars, does American Muscle in any way dominate the world of performance? yes, cause we ALL know that all American performance cars WALK ALL OVER the Dauer 962 LeMans (read: that was sarcasm), idiot, when a PRODUCTION car made 8 years ago, dominates EVERY other production car ever made, it's a pretty good sign that American cars never have and never will "dominate the world of performance"

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