ive made up my mind, Im getting a prince albert

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ron Simmons, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. I know it will hurt, I know that it will bleed, I know that I wouldn't be able to have sex for weeks on end, I know that I might even lose mini-me altogether.

    But it has to be done.
  2. People still won't like you.
  3. 2nd account is 2nd.
  4. thats #$%#ing disgusting
  5. It makes your penis into the ultimate weapon of vaginal destruction.
  6. and you the worst 2nd account.
  7. Fake account failed the funny. Ban.
  8. I honestly dont know why people keep calling me a second account. ive just lurked here since 04 so im not even that old.
  9. I hope it gets infected, gangrene, and eventually leads to your death.
  10. in before 84Fordman
  11. Those are some pretty epic lies, Garfield. Show me how you do em!
  12. hes cool
  13. Why would anyone put a piece of metal through their cock? honestly, unless your some maschochist, thats just dirt.
  14. gangrene -> amputation = far more lulz
  15. whatever you say, 2nd account

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  16. come over and we'll #$%#
  17. Just as long as he can't reproduce.
  18. your username is ron simmons and you have that #%$gy signature? please. you know shit about ron simmons.
  19. Not really.
  20. I almost got one. But I didn't. End story. My brother in law has one, he claims it's quite the conversation starter.
  21. Does he usually make peoples acquaintance with his pants off?
  22. If I had one, I would.
  23. A prince albert? Is that what the kids are calling them nowadays?
  24. Exactly, girls practically beg you to #$%# them if you have one.
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