Jaguar XJR vs Maserati Quattroporte

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by lurbo, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. it looks classic..and when I have lots of money I want drive in style
  2. I'd get a Quattroporte. If I wanted a Jag, I'd get either an Mk2 or an MKX (420G).
  3. The jag is soo ugly. i have 2 go wit the maserati.
  4. STFU
  5. no, you see a car which looks #$%#ing good
  6. I actually like the XJR, but its way out of its league compared to the qp.. maybe the next xj will fare better, but a qp would still take it I think..
  7. always have been a jaguar fan
  8. maseratis make girls moist, jaguars remind them of Viagra
  9. Most girls can't tell the difference, and don't care either way.
  10. XJR only because I don't like the front of the Maserati Quattroport.

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