Ken Block set for F1 test at Monza

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    by Noah Joseph.

    Even with a skill set as specific as vehicular control, there are polar opposites. At one end you have F1 drivers, who position what essentially amount to fighter jets on wheels with pin-point precision. At the other end sits the likes of Ken Block, the Gymkhana master who has wowed us all time and again by drifting his rally car sideways through the tightest of spots and in the grandest of fashion. The two may seem entirely irreconcilable, but they're about to come together for what promises to be an interesting crossover.

    While visiting Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix, it was announced that Block is headed for his first drive in an F1 car this August. But rather than test, as many others have, for a specific team, Block will be the invited guest of Pirelli – the company that supplies the tires both for his rally car and for the entire F1 grid.

    The drive will take place at Monza – the legendary home of the Italian Grand Prix – on August 5th. There, Block will take to the wheel of the TF109, the car which Toyota fielded in the 2009 championship before withdrawing from the series altogether, and which Pirelli now uses to test its various F1 rubber compounds.

    Block says this test will "take hooning to a whole new level." Are we smelling an F1 Gymkhana video in the making? Too early to say, but we can certainly dream. Official announcement after the jump.

    Good for him I guess?
  2. yeah I guess lol. I doubt he will be any good in one though
  3. I can see him powersliding through Parabolica.
  4. Yeah. I really doubt he'll be able to beat the lap record.
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    this will be him

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    I kinda get why americans/new yorkers dont like cyclists:
    These assholes deliver cyclists a bad name.

    or maybe americans are just bad at anything that's related to transportation.

    edit: ya oke, wrong thread
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  8. yeah he'll be shit
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    nice resolution
  10. Block is nothing more than a shoe sales man that races.
  12. Will they make him pay for the tires, because then this could be a very profitable venture for Pirelli.

    I did laugh while the Canadian GP was red flagged, Block and Schumi were talking in the Mercedes garage.
  13. why would he pay someone who sponsors him?
  14. You wouldn't pursue your passion if you had a lot of money?
  15. It was a joke, because the reason you put Ken Block in a F1 car would be to destroy tires in spectacular fashion.
  16. ken block cant even finish a rallye stage in a ford compact without crashing. Good luck in a multimillion dollar rwd f1 car lol. But put a Monster sticker on it and he will be a fan favorite.
  17. do f1 cars have traction control nowadays?
  18. I don't think it will make a difference w/ him.
  19. Let's see what the guy can do before we bash him. He might actually pull some good times.

  20. ...even the idea that some people WOULD bash him even if he didn't set good times. Who cares? Some people in here are seriously needing to grow the #$%# up.
  21. This is hardly a test. It's just Pirelli inviting people to drive old Toyota F1 cars as a showcase.
  22. No.
  23. Lol. I doubt he will be any good, but you never know. He clearly has tons of car control, but that only goes so far. Sliding has no business in modern F1 cars. If he can keep all fours on their contact patch he might set some decent times. Or hey, he might take to it like a fish takes to water and own.

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