kinda ugly

Discussion in '1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird 440' started by Power V12, Aug 25, 2002.

  1. maybe this car is good but c'mon.. it looks like shit
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    ya it's not very nice, and all the ones I see are the ugliest colors (orande, bright green, a realy sick yellow) but it's performance pays up for it's look
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    Maybe the colour of this car is a bit ugly, but I like the way it looks; the big rear wing and the streamlined noose.
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    You mom looks like shit. This car looks great. It shows imagination and determination. Thats what led it to winning nascar back in the day, until it got banned for being to damn quick.
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    Yeah man, this Plymouth has obviously set standard for a lot of racing cars built even today.

    A question for you though: Did the Plymouth Superbird compete in the nascar or was it the Charger Daytona or maybe both?

    They're both basically the same car.
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    damnit they arent the same car! dodge daytona- 1969 charger body with nosecone and wing, superbird- 1970 Roadrunner body with nosecone and wing, different trunk lids, and the aerodynamics are different. My dad owns a 1969 blue daytona and we have friends that own superbirds, and we took them to the track to race, and they beat us by 2 seconds. Just my 0.2
  7. i think the white i bought my fiance's in looks much better that those colours given...

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