Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lucky strike, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. I dislaike some design features, but damn it looks compact.
  2. I hope they show the orange one in Geneva.
  3. shits all over the gay boring turdcielago
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  5. yeah makes murceilabo look fat and bloated
    pretty much murcielago got owned
  6. the orange will be displayed to the journalists, while white and estoque gray will be shown to the public.
  7. looking even better with each new pic being posted
  8. Then lets hope journalists take plenty of pictures.

    This is the best looking Lambo since the Diablo in my opinion.
  9. the back end doesnt thrill me, but it is pretty good....just not as good as the rest. the front is mean, and the side profile (as always) is excellent.
  10. This is way better than that Swedish "supercar".
  11. Would rather have this than every Koenigsegg produced to date.
  12. looks pretty badass

    slightly disappointed in how it looks a lot like an evolution of the murcielago, rather than something completely new though

    still awesome though
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    More like the engine isn't dead centre in the engine bay. Also look at the runners to the throttle bodies

    Possibly due to the driveline?
  14. I'm a little disappointed in the doors, I'd've preferred them to open straight upwards, but other than this and the engine situation phano pointed out I'm loving this car.
  16. Why did'nt Lamborghini change the body of the car? they just took a Reventon body and accessorized it
  17. wow. like it alot.
    the front 1/4 panel design is amazing.

    the only thing I don't like is the rear on shot, looks a bit boxy, but overall looks amazing
  18. It looks too German.
    weird seeing amber covers in the tail lights too.
  19. I have found myself loving this car now, I think the evolution is just enough. The proportions are perfect, and it doesn't look like any other brand in any way, it looks like a modern Lamborghini, predictable in that it is a wedge, but still awesome looking.
  20. Ksegg is in the exclusive class of hypercar, but this Lambo is definitely the next best thing.
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    I like the square ambers in the taillights, it reminds me of the countach:

    The doors not going straight up is disappointing, but whatever.

    Can't wait to see this in all colors of the rainbow, in roadster trim, etc. Now the gallardo gets its turn to feel old and plain for a few years until it gets succeeded by whatever's coming. Also, estoque please
  22. I see Countach all over the place and I'm loving it.

    And like Blake said. ESTOQUE PLEASE.

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