Libyan forces 'capture Gaddafi'

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  1. You were given a thorough one.

    Edit: And for the record, that the words 'no values' was in my statement does not mean I said they had no values. I was talking about a very specific set of values required for a very specific form of government.
  2. The operation was backed by the western world. The interim government is western backed as well. It says more about us than those "brown savages" as you put it. dont get so far ahead rachel maddow
  3. Because the council didn't tell them not to? I'm not sure who you feel is to blame, the NTC or the rebels.. cause you said

    "For a bunch of people promising to reform the country to more democratic ideals, capturing him alive and subsequently killing him in a lynch mob in the middle of a public street says a lot. "

    and that implies to me that the problem is with the rebel fighters.
    then you say they lack discipline, which is a reason they might kill him, but not really a reason they don't have values.

    What I'm driving at is that for you to say the rebels are without values, the reasons you've given me here either don't have to do with the rebels, they have to do with the council.. otherwise the reason is they don't have values because they killed a detained person. Which I think says more about you than it does about them.

    edit: to address your edit, I wouldn't call the council without those values unless there was a specific order to kill gadaffi. I think you give this council too much credit. The way this rebellion has worked since day one was to arm average people and informed them which direction to shoot.
  4. We didn't establish the council any more than we won the revolution itself. It's important to know the full extent of the western world's involvement. We dropped a few bombs and gave some organizational advice. We didn't tell them what to do or who was going to lead.
  5. Yet we "assisted" them with predator drones etc etc. Right.
  6. There isn't any evidence of this being a "karzai" government. I understand your cynicism, but without evidence someone else could call this a tinfoil hat argument. I won't, cause I'm a pretty cynical person myself.
  7. That's a very one-dimensional way to think.
  8. And the Italians shot Mussolini and hung him up in the street.

    It is a passion you wouldn't understand
  9. pretty pissed huh
    who cares
    cadaffi was mean to those people, if theyre mad and wana shot his head who am i to tell them not to
  10. ITT: white wigged high horses trotting in circles atop their ivory tower casting judgments
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    Agreed. The French did it to the Nazis too.

    Bunch of savages with no values the French must be./ Sarcasm
    Pretty easy to point fingers when you're not the person in battle towards a dictator who has controlled your life.
  12. asdfl;'
  13. I've been known for respecting the #$%# out if Italy.
  15. "(CNN) --

    Gadhafi was captured alive and unharmed as troops from the National Transitional Council overran his hometown of Sirte on Thursday, Jibril said. But a gunbattle erupted between transitional council fighters and Gadhafi's supporters as his captors attempted to load him into a vehicle, Jibril said, leaving Gadhafi with a wound to his right arm.

    More shooting erupted as the vehicle drove away, and Gadhafi -- who ruled Libya for nearly 42 years before rebel forces overthrew him in August -- was hit in the head, Jibril said, Gadhafi died moments before arriving at a hospital in Misrata, Jibril said, citing the city's coroner.

    Grainy video broadcast on Arabic satellite networks captured some of the onetime Libyan strongman's last moments, as the bloodied but still-alive Gadhafi was being hauled onto a truck. Another video showed a dead Gadhafi with what appeared to be a head wound.

    According to Ali Aujali, Libya's ambassador to the United States, troops found Gadhafi in a large drainage pipe. Daily Telegraph reporter Ben Farmer in Sirte old CNN's Anderson Cooper the pipe is about 3 feet wide and filled with trash and sand.

    The phrases "The place of the rat Gadhafi" and "You scum" were painted around its exterior, apparently after the capture.

    Jibril said Gadhafi was carrying a gun but did not resist his captors. Jibril said DNA samples confirmed Gadhafi's identity, and the International Criminal Court -- which had issued an arrest warrant for the ousted dictator on war-crimes charges -- has agreed to allow Gadhafi's burial.

    Aujali said the National Transitional Council and the Libyan people wanted Gadhafi to be taken alive to answer for his crimes. In one video from the scene, a voice can be heard shouting, "No, no, we want him alive, we want him alive." "
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  17. now my favourite flag in the world will be no more
    i cant stand for this
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  19. im not growing shit
    #$%# these rebels
    cant wait for american justice to decide they suck too
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  22. no they wont
    its africa
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