Limo from Ukraine

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by F50Fanatic, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. its awesome cause its got a CRT Tv
  2. Kill it with fire.
  3. Not really my taste tbh
    Digging the interior, would watch spaghetti westerns while being driven
  4. With built in DVD player, you don't even know brah.
  5. the inside is way better than the outside
  6. Better than any american car.
  7. Thats from Ukraine? Would have never guessed.
  8. damn beaten
  9. damn beaten
  10. Oh no!

    the dashboard is from an Audi! (Audi 100 C3 1988b-1991 and 100 C4 1991-1994)

    that is the only nice thing with this car.

    HORRIBLE "car"
  11. Car is soooo gangster. Love it.
  12. Ukraine is game to you!?
  13. Oh it's just so bad
  15. the interior looks so ukrainian its quite cool. i would buy this for this girl i hate.
  16. It is?
  17. Good for you.
  18. How can anybody talk shit about Hummers and not this ugly mistake??
  19. Drive it off a very high cliff instead
  20. love the orthodox touch.
  21. id drive it to california and watch the paparazzi
  22. ok
  23. Oh, my eyes..!!! They bleed!!!

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