Looks like the Nissan Altima

Discussion in '2002 Pontiac Grand Prix G-Force Concept' started by Vettespeed88, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. The accents and the headlights and other parts of the car look like the Nissan Altima. However, I like this better. The shape and engine are a big improvement over the Nissan Altima or even the old Gran Prix.
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    I agree. The Altima isn't as low or flat as this concept. Lowness and flatness convey a sense of speed and stability. I think the styling on the Altima is nice, however, as it will be the car I trade my Camry in for. 3.5 SE 5 speed
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    IM sorry but ill never be able to think pontiac cars look good. the only thing they made latly that looks decent is their new concept two door coupe. Just my opinion
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    Hmm..the Solstice?
    Very nice =)
    you seem to be into the European sports care design.
    But come on..the new Nissan 3.5SE is sweet =) Smokes Mustang GTs =P

    But I love this pontiac..very sexy car =)

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