Lucky Chauffeurs

Discussion in '2003 Maybach 62' started by nissanZboy, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. If you were a chauffeur and you got to drive this car, How pleased would you be? It would be more fun than any rolls royce to drive
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    That's because it's better than pretty much any British luxury car. I'm a HUGE Bentley fan, particularly the new Arnage Red Label. But I'm sorry, Maybach beats the hell out of it! I mean, the Maybach weighs about 1,000lbs. more than the Bentley, but it has 150 more HP. And it goes ALMOST 1 second faster to 60 mph. Besides, German cars are better than British cars in almost every aspect.
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    with u all the way...this car is .... I don't know what this car is,,,it's simply a dream for me...ULTIMATE CAR!!! luxury big limo with a gr8 engine and gr8 performance...what more can i say?
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    It has a gorgeous interior and an incredible drivetrain. The choufer would be happy except for the fact that it looks like a stretched Hyundai XG350.
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    lucky chauffers indeed

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