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  1. i think this is a fair comparison. the m coupe runs the nurburging faster than the 911 carrera. i have no trouble seeing that this could. it has more horsepower, and althought more sedanish i bet it would be very competitive and even beat the carrera. m3s in my opinion are more balanced than the oversteer prone porsches (i still love porsches)

    i swear if someone gets off topic and compares this to a vette i'm going to murder you. this car doesn't cost too mcuh more than a vette.
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    Good deducing sherlock. Unfortunately you are an idiot. The last carrera was made to have understeer for safety reasons. Also you did not spell Nuremberg right. It is not Nurburging. That sounds like a fast food restraunt. I agree that the M3 is much faster and since the M3 ran a faster slalom than the roadster of course it is going to beat the carrera. In conclusion, you should be shot.
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    well actually its


    if you want to be a technical picky bastard.

    nuerburgring or Nürburgring

    but norshleife refers specifically to the "OLD" Nürburgring. Rather then the possibility of it being the GP track.

    There are a number of different carrera's as well though. But yes the M3 is quicker then the 911 carrera. I'm not sure about any of the other carrera's though.
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    hahah so recked! and recked again! hahaha funny stuff
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    bimmermans what the #$%# are you talking about .

    its nurburging you numbnut. nuremburg, i know that's a german place or something i know there was someting nazish there. but the formula one track is called NURBURGING.

    the 911 carrera....you want to inform me of another much faster carrera by any chance? they all have 320 horses. this cars weight is equal or less than the 911 carrera im sure has more horsepower and the M COUPE beat the 911 carrera you dumbass. M Coupe is not hte m3 moron.

    and yes generally a lot of porsches have oversteer, i've driven the #$%#in car.

    so dont be sarcastic if you can't come up with a understandable or reasonable response. and get your tracks right.
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    The standard M3 laps the Nürburgring quicker than the Carrera, never mind the CSL. The CSL is said to shave around 30 seconds off the stock M3's time, so I know what I'd choose, especially when the CSL costs AU$20k less than a standard Carrera. I wouldn't say Porsches are generally prone to oversteer though...the chassis (of the Carrera, at least) isn't quite as forgiving as that of the M3, which definately contributes to a small amount of built-in oversteer, but it's nothing that a tiny adjustment in driving habit can't remedy.
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    very well said...
    tiny adjustments in driving habits.
    automakers especially European, try to make their cars unique in driving habits.
    however, then there is Porsche which is destroying everything they stood for in building an SUV... but more power to them if it actually works out.
    however, again i'll take the BMW over the Carerra.
    for two reasons" 0-60 and price
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    I haven't seen a Nürburgring time for the Carrera 4S, that would be interesting. Less straight-line squirt, but hopefully the 4WD would haul it around corners a bit better. By the sound of it, the CSL's time around the 'ring is PERILOUSLY close to the 911 Turbo or GT3...GT2 is almost definately beyond reach, though. Big surprise? I think not.
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    OH YEA the M3 just got 2nd place in CAR & DRIVERS 10 best list

    God! i love this car!
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    What came first?

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