M3 vs NSX ???

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by Marky678, Oct 7, 2002.

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    This is a tough one both cars have their merits. They would be a good matchup unlike some of the others we see on these forums from time to time. As someone said earlier the M3 is just a 3 series bimmer with radical changes to the entire driveline,engine,interior,exterior... but it is still a 3 series chassis and it looks like it. The NSX is formed from scratch from aluminium, and truly is a 'cheap' supercar. For those of you who can look past 1/4 mile times and see the engineering behind a car either car would suit your tastes but i would be buying the NSX for the 'sheer driving pleasure'. lol
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    are you like mentaly ill or something?

    "If you want a car that you can mash the peddle down and go, and thats it, and aside from that you like a comfortable, quiet ride, I'd probably say M3 is where you wanna be."

    WTF is that?

    M3 will give NSX a run of it's life on a track...anytime.... pitch in another 20k USD for a CSL (and still have some money left for a nice, month long vacation in baja) and you'll get a 'type r killer'
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    I don't know dude, I agree with you on most things you said, but the NSX Type R really is a fast car, its not at all like the regular NSX. The Type R ran under 8 minutes at the N'ring, which is about 30 some seconds faster than the regular NSX. Now, I don't know what the actual production CSL runs, but I don't think its quite as fast.

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    lets face it ...if you want a luxury performance car, buy an M3, if you want a full on performance car, buy a 911 GT2 or a skyline GTR

    where does this leave the honda? well i suppose someone has to come dead last
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    Although the NSX is a great car, id have to go with the M3
  6. Go home to your mother, stay out of the big boys conversation. M3 is incredibly fast for a sports coupe and so is the NSX but unless you talking about the NSX-R its doesnt beat an F355 or Carrera 4. Also WTF is a Nissan Type-R?
  7. I'd take the NSX

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