M3 vs RX 7

Discussion in '2001 BMW M3' started by elbato22, Aug 9, 2002.

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    RX7 for me.

    brakes ways better , faster through corners IMO , and exotic.
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    Looks-Opinion (I like em both)
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    Looks-Opinion (I like em both)
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    road: m3
    money: well i think the rx-7 wins<!-- Signature -->
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    an m3 would be better in performance and luxary... and would also be newer as opposed to a used rx7.. as u can't get them new.. but a rx7 can be easily modded to hand an m3 it's ass, but at the same time putting more stress on the already unreliable engine. I also thinkm that the rx7 has a more distictive and appealing look to it than an m3... i'd take the m3 to go fast, and the rx7 to go faster.

    but then again.. why the #$%# are u comparing these two cars... they're like apples and oranges...
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    dude.... I hate this sterotype that rotaries are unrealiable... I've owned one, so have mates, they are perfectly reliable if maintained and serviced by an expert, which theres plenty of due to the tuning capabillities of the engine...

    Speed and track RX7, looks i like em both but i think the batmobile edges it, it is after all a 12 year design.... Still looks awesome.
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    Stock vs. Stock, the M3 will always win on the dragstrip. The 7 would be quicker on a roadcourse though.
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    RX 7 better at the circuit? That's not true, M3 handles better.
    I like both cars, expecially the engines, Best line six in class and the cool rotation engine kicks ass, shame that the it's not that reliable. M3 looks better.
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    rotaries are not not reliable. How bout when mazda won le mans with a rotary?
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    RX7 is better to tune, M3 is daily driver
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    what makes you think you can't tune a M3 good. if a RX-7 can be tuned to nearly 800 HP, then a M3 would be able to do that easily. the German engines are built way better than japanese engines. Anyway i'd take the M3.
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    are you an idiot? a RX-7 is much more tunable than a M3. If you think that the M3 would be able to be tuned to 800hp easily because its a german engine you are wasitng my time. What do you say about 1000hp supras and skylines? there engines must suck because there japenese right? I wonder how much it would take to mod a M3 to 800hp?
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    Re: M3 vs RX 7

    any car over the m3
    Check this site and start to............
    A fiat 500 or a trabant at lis bring me home!!
    Any way a Maserati 4200 or the old 3200 biturbo burn them both!!
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    what the heck kind of car is that?
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    Putting high-pressure Twin or Quad Turbo on every high performance n/a engine can produce stratophere horsepower, but this process suffering very high turbo lag and spoils fun.
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    Seriously, I love BMW. But a easily modded RX-7 will rape this car on a track, regardless.
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    I don't know who said it, but whoever suggested the M3 handles better is insane. The RX-7 is 2500 lbs. Yeah, 2500 makes it amazing at handling, skidpad and track. And i don't know if the M3 is gonna beat the RX7 on the strip every time either. The RX7 does record 0-60s in 4.9 stock, and thats with 250 hp. I hate the RX7 though, cause when we went to look to buy one, thats when I found out those bastards don't seem to want anyone over 6 feet driving it. JERKS! We tall people wanna drive them too.
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    M3, because it wouldn't break down in 5 years like my dad's RX-7 did. Plus you cant beat the looks of the damn thing. Laguna seca blue w/19" Hamann rims...ohmygod so pimp!
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    Actually, M3 owners are experiencing some serious engine troubles with their cars. Luckily for them, BMW has repaired or fully replaced the motors at no additional cost.
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    The M3 would kill the RX-7. Face it, BMW is a million times better at making sports cars than some other lame company that's not too famous.
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    RX-7 of course! remember, if it ain't a rotor, then it ain't a motor!j/k
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    RX-7 of course! remember, if it ain't a rotor, then it ain't a motor!j/k
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    Certainly M3, the greatest lnline 6 internal combustion engine of the world. May I mention the reliability and fuel consumption of Wnakel engine...?
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    rx7's run 14's in the 1/4 and this is a much better track car M3 would trounce an rx7 and nitrous is for engines that cant make power

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