Mclaren F1 vs Hayabusa GSX-R1300

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  1. I got a challenge for the Mclaren F1, It's the best car built and the fastest N/A car and still is, won the 24hours of lemans its first year. The car is still pretty damn impressive after the passing years its still is superior to the Ferrari Enzo or Lamborghini Murcielago or Porsche Carrera GT.

    The Hayabusa GSX-R on the other hand is the fastest production bike which tops out at 200mph out of the showroom floor and run's high 9's on the 1/4mile all day long and will beat any Supercar stock to stock motor to motor.

    However the Mclaren F1 would probably be the only production car out there than would beat a Hayabusa GSX-R1300 without a Supercharger or Turbo. Just out of the showroom.

    The Mclaren F1 hands down at a track would be the hayabusa with no problem, at a dragstrip the Busa I think would take the win.
    What about from a standing mile?

    Hayabusa would walk the F1 from 0-150mph then after that there's no question that the F1 would put the hurt on that Busa.

    Mclaren F1 winner.

    Whats your guys take?.
  2. A Vespa would beat them both.
  3. Will we ever see a Hayabusa race a McLaren F1 in the first place?
  4. Who cares?
  5. I'm not so sure that the F1 would take a Busa at the track, there have been a lot of studies done to see which can handle more G's in a turn and 9/10 times the bike will push a lot more G's than the Supercar tested against. And as for the drag strip, Busa all the way down the track <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  6. Everybody.
  7. hmmm i think it would be a wierd day to see a busa beat the F1 on a track. Top Gear did a test that had a Gallardo vs a Ducati 999 on a small windy track, and the bike won by a nose under acceleration. The gallardo is heavier by 700 lbs, and has less power. The gallardo is a little wider and has a slightly smaller wheelbase but when youre lugging 700 more lbs around you wont handle any better and speed in corners will be slower for sure. Now the Ducatti and the Busa. The big factor here is weight... and we all know the busa is a boat when it comes to bikes, in other words it would get killed by a Ducati 999 with relative ease. The busa is also a big bike and you really have to throw yourself around in corners to get it to lean properly and such, where the ducati is smaller and easier to manipulate. From this you can only deduct one thing, McLaren F1 > Busa on the track.
  8. Oh yeah one last thing... the mclaren f1 would pwn the busa. Cause if you see one of jeremy clarksons videos on you would see a 2000 porsche carrera take some sick ass motorcycle. Even if the Busa is faster in the acceleration, bikes suck at taking corners and only have so much grip. on the other hand... cars are known to ave better cornering cause a car has 4 wheels, bike has 2, means that the car doesnt lean as much and has better stability.... it's a fact
  10. apperantly, nobody...
  11. My moped Honda mt5 will win over the stupid Hayabussa because the motorsyclist will crash and die before he/she have finish the race.!!!!!!!!!
  12. ive got a highly modifyed gsxr 1000 and a cams 1 and 2 licence beating a hyabusa is easy they have a hard time cornering and the acceleration is avarage however an a very bendy track Phillip Island i raced a Lotus Exige S and i only just won if i raced a Mclaren F1 id have to say id lose so i even as a bike fan must say the McLaren hands down would win
  14. UGGHHHH! We've been through the car vs. bike argument a thousand times! The car ALWAYS wins on a track! It's got four big contact patches instead of two skinny ones, and smokes the bike in the corners. The only reason this is even a contest is because a bike's excellent power to weight ratio gives it a huge advantage in a straight line. If you take away this advantage by using a car that can match (or almost match) a bike's acceleration (like the McLaren F1), then the bike has no chance! In a top gear test, a Yamaha R1 (which is a road-course style superbike rather than a drag bike like the 'busa) was trounced by a Porsche 911 C4S! The 'busa is slower around a track than the R1 and would have no chance against a much faster car like the F1! Game over!
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    What a vaingloriously dismissive statement.

    "The car ALWAYS wins on the track"?

    The Thruxton racetrack in Hampshire, which you are refering to in the video, is short and doesn't have a single proper straight, not to mention a long straight.

    In another event, the "Suzuki GSXR1000 vs Westfield XTR" by Fifth Gear, also happened on a short track with no straights.

    A proper track-machine car has an obvious advantage in the corners and at braking, but even some of the best track-day cars fail to out-accelerate an R-bike -- and a 911 Turbo or equivalent in acceleration vs. an R-bike is a joke.

    Put up a GSX-R 1000 K8 vs. a Porsche 911 C4S on a track with a long straight and see what happens. The difference was near nil on the Top Gear test, with a long straight the 911 would be annihilated.

    In any event, it is sheer nonsense to conclude that the car is always faster, it depends on the car, the bike and the track.


    The standard Mclaren F1 does at best 1:04.62 on Tsukuba Circuit, driven by a professional JGTC driver. [1]
    The GSX-R 1000 can with ease do 1:02-ish on the same track. [2]

    The GSX-R 1300 is faster on the straights, but slower in the corners, which is faster on Tsukuba? If I would have to guess, the GSX-R 1000 is faster, but is the GSX-R 1300 more than two seconds slower, and thus slower than the Mclaren F1? Maybe not.

    But as for the GSX-R 1000, it IS FASTER on Tsukuba, and thus also on many other tracks!


  16. The Mclaren EASILY, in any of the situations you mentioned the well protected Mclaren driver could easily hit the exposed and vulnerable bike rider, causing them to lose control, even disabling and possibly killing them, and taking the win.

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