Mclaren P1 - Nurburgring

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  2. I finally watched this and it actually is pretty beautifully filmed, I wanna know the time though.
  3. if it was faster than Porsche they'd have said by now. I reckon it's 6:59
  4. It is faster sector by sector but the batteries can't handle more than half a lap ...
  5. Yeah probably.
  6. Funny how contradicting the begin on the video is with what was then written in EVO about the set.

    I disliked the safety blaah blaah in EVO, the lap record chase is a similar contest as Tourist Trophy. Let the Gladiators fight to death and honour their path.

    Awesome sounds. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. I still need to read the whole EVO article, that seemed to imply that it would have no trouble beating the 918 time though.
  8. 6:38 on semis.
    6:48 on production tyres.

  9. sauce? or just your guess?
  10. That's what some owners have been saying they've been told.
  11. I wonder what they're waiting for as far as releasing an actual number, Ferrari has no history of releasing Nurburgring times, so I wouldn't expect a LaFerrari time, maybe they're trying to set an even more impressive one.
  12. Lol, the 599xx evo? There was a ring time for that. Mclaren's probably waiting to be the last one to release a time so they can beat whatever is set. It's a dick swingin stalemate
  13. Ok, for road cars then, I've never seen Ferrari releasing their own Nurburgring times for road cars, the 599XX EVO is in no way comparable to these cars.

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