McLaren P12 Supercar Concept coming to Paris

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  1. Those are actually camaro lights they put in there.
    Also the owner of that particular car had the bumpers and headlights later removed and changed back to normal.
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    McLaren Reveals More Details on Production P1 Supercar at Private Event

    McLaren recently held a private event in New York to show off its new P1 supercar, and the company snuck in a few new details about its F1 successor. The event was first covered by Carscoop, based on video of the New York event from YouTube user Speedracer38. Besides noting that the car at the private showing was “97 percent” production-spec, McLaren also elaborated on the P1′s fancy brakes, rear spoiler, and wheels, as well as a few minor cosmetic tweaks that will be implemented before the supercar goes on sale.

    The juiciest and coolest P1 fact extracted from this event pertains to the car’s brakes, which will incorporate carbon-fiber rotors co-developed with Akebono. McLaren says the technology is borrowed from F1 (Akebono furnishes McLaren’s F1 cars’ brakes) and is a production-car first; unlike the race cars, the P1 won’t use carbon-fiber brake pads, which take too long to warm up to be appropriate for street use. To amplify the curb appeal of the dark-colored brake rotors, McLaren polishes them to a mirror finish. Awesome. As for the P1′s active rear spoiler, we already knew it could be elevated up to 12 inches above the rear deck and tilt a maximum 29 degrees to increase drag and act as an air brake, but McLaren further elaborates that the wing will tilt in both directions. Because regular aluminum wheels would be so blasé, the P1 gets wheels rendered from what McLaren is calling “super aluminum,” which is as light as magnesium but more durable. Finally, the production P1 will gain additional vents in its front bumper just ahead of each front wheel to evacuate hot air from the front-mounted radiators. The mesh covering the car’s rear end will change to a tighter, finer variety that will showcase the car’s engine, rear suspension, and rear spoiler mechanism.

    Look for the finalized production P1—and all of its sure-to-be-impressive specifications—to debut sometime early in 2013.
  5. I think it mostly kinda sucks, honestly. :/
  6. Your mom mostly kinda sucks but still looks so hot, especially when she gets down so low like the P1
  7. what are you, 12?
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  13. All of this is true, but the P1 still looks dumb.

    Looks a bit like a Pontiac prototype from 2000 or so. Some parts are nice, but overall it's just too smooth, curvy and melty.
  14. what a car!!!!! amazin
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    McLaren shows P1 at private event in Beverly Hills, reveals more details

    McLaren invited us to private showing of its near production-ready P1 supercar in Beverly Hills last night, offering its affluent customers a sneak peek at what promises to be one of the finest - if not the best - sports car in the world when it arrives later this year. While the development team continues to hold many of the coupe's cards close to its chest, a trickle of details emerged about that only served to further whet our appetite for the upcoming exotic.

    - The Volcano Orange prototype (the same one shown at the Paris Motor Show) is fully functional, with a complete operating powertrain. Before each public display, a dark tint is applied to the windows to hide the interior from view.

    - The chassis utilizes a carbon-fibre passenger tub shared with the MP4-12C, with aluminum structures front and rear for crash protection (carbon fibre is lighter, but it doesn't crush and absorb energy as well). All body panels are carbon-fibre and nearly all exposed metal (including the mesh vents) is made of titanium alloy. The target curb weight is 1,300 kilograms, or less than 2,900 pounds.

    - Based on a recorded engine soundtrack played at the event, and noting a pair of intakes each likely feeding a turbocharger (we spotted genuine gold foil in the engine bay to help to ward off heat), it is assumed that the P1 will be fitted with a high-output version of the MP4-12C's twin-turbocharged 3.8-litre V8 making about 800 horsepower. A KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), similar to what is used in Formula One, will provide a strong boost of even more horsepower for short periods. While McLaren has avoided all-wheel drive, don't rule out some sort of electric propulsion on the front axle.

    - McLaren doesn't have the Porsche 918 Spyder in its crosshairs – it's too heavy and slow. Instead, it is aiming its sights directly at the upcoming Ferrari F150 (the successor to the Enzo). That said, the British automaker expects its P1 to be the world's quickest production vehicle around Nürburgring.

    - Assembly should start within the next several months. Only 500 copies will be made, with each costing about $1.2 million.

    Expect more mechanical details about the McLaren P1 to be revealed in the next few weeks, with the two-place interior finally unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
  16. Looking forward to seeing that interior.
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    Engine sounds so good, so far.
  19. P1 interior shots since no one else is posting them.
  20. So good. 100x better than the whyara.
  21. I'm glad that the windows are actually framed on this, and hinge at the roofline as well, as in the F1. I'm not crazy about the way they just hang out there with the 12C, of course it makes sense considering the roadster version.
  22. A little too much cf me, but it is a supercar.
  23. Kinda boring interior. Same as the MP4. I've been inside an MP4 and it doesn't give you that special feeling you get from a Gallardo or 430 [not been in a 458 yet]. I mean I get the mclaren ethos of less is more... but a supercar needs to feel like every button fires lasers or something.
  24. Looks like the interior from an upstart supercar company, boring
  25. a bit too much carbon fiber but I like it

    they'll probably customize the interior for customers anyway

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