McLaren777 Reportage: RIAA, Webhost, local Police

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 996 911 Turbo, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. I will never agree with you more. He's a living joke.
  2. glad you enjoy it so much. I thought you were backing mc777 up the other gay, must have gotten you confused with someone.
  3. posting them here doesent make them any less empty of a threat.
    as i said, there is a way to deal with things without telling everyone about them. why does a series of PMs justify a thread on the basis of substantiating threats. it doesent.
  4. the warnings were not in PM, they were on the board. everyone thought that nothing would come of them.

    and how does this post not make them less of a empty threat? i sent messages to POLICE, the RIAA, AND his webhost. that's not an empty threat, I have followed through.
  5. This shit is hilarious. It's an internet forum where almost anything goes, not real life.

    MC777 #$%#ed with another website and pissed off some people. Now someone is #$%#ing with him and his website. He knew the consequences when he performed his actions by posting shit on his lame site.

    As far as PMing his ass goes, if he just PMed 777, we wouldn't be having such a laugh. Lighten up kiddo.
  6. Members cannot posts PM's.
  7. Well, we (the members who are suffering due to Luke's actions) have the right to know that he is getting his own back.
  8. How'd you like to be Mac and wake up tomorrow morning, come onto the web and have an e-mail inbox full of messages from the RIAA and whatnot? Then realize that since you were a dick to some other people on the web now you're getting #$%#ed.

    That's gonna be a pisser.
  9. I hate him so I'm not too concerned for him. But thats pretty horrible.
  10. you just proved my point...

    "we wouldn't be having such a laugh" that was the point of this thread, to get a laugh out of the members of the forum, not to prove a point to mac777.

    "It's an internet forum where almost anything goes, not real life"
    if its like what you said, than should 996 911 Turbo mind his own business and let someone live their life...he's potentially inerfering with someones real life, which isn't funny. if you think it is, maybe you should be contemplating your own maturity.

    Cant you also see the hypocrisy here...hands up who hasn't pirated music on the internet...
  11. downloading is something, uploading it is another thing according to law.

    too bad.
  12. how have you suffered...because you haven't gotten your fix of porn?
    get over yourself.
  13. that's fine, i should have contacted you in advance.
  14. If you were to do something like this to a member you disliked, you wouldn't just hide the shit in a PM. The actions of mac are well publicized here. It seems a majority were pissed off at what he did, more for the principle than the action. It's funny, the whole thing is funny. Mac did something, and now he's getting a reaction because of it. You can't #$%# with someone and expect nothing back.

    I would assume very little would come of this exchange, however, not dealing with the RIAA previously, I do not know. Maybe this should have been dealt with differently, but it hasn't been. Whatever has happened, has happened.

    As far as others stealing music, that's irrelevant.
  15. He did the same thing that Mc777 did.
  16. its still hypocritical nevertheless.

    and do you really think the RIAA is going to care about one person with a website that has only a few instances of Piracy?
    He's showing classic toothless tiger by sending off emails to the RIAA...just to get kicks out of the population, who say they hate a particular member based on the assumed interference with a pirated porn site.

    last week it was P996T, this week it is Mac777, what member are we going to "hate" next week.
  17. Yeah, as if selling items at their equilibrium price based on supply and demand is "screwing loyal customers." As if.
  18. This is completely stupid.

    Look at your over-reaction.

    Some petty thing happens on the net - so you try and get this guy a criminal record?

    Now what happens if HE over-reacts in the same way.

    Does he turn up on your door-step with a baseball bat?

    Does he repay YOU for the fine you got him by damaging your person and property to the same value?

    Sure, I know that would be illegal - but $150k in the hole, do you think he won't consider your knee-caps worth the price?

    My advice would be to admit you made your point and bail.
    Before someone gets fined/jailed, and someone else gets their car/house burnt down.
  19. The catch is that Mc777 is a raging hypocrite, so its fitting.
  20. This is getting out of hand.
  21. How?
  22. so is everyone else on this website.
  23. So hold on... it's OK for Mc777 to report a pirating website, but it's not OK for 996/911 to report one?

    Blatant double standard.
  24. shut up.
  25. Jesus wouldn't approve of any of those actions you suggested.

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