Monaro vs GTO

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by andrew_mrt, Sep 28, 2003.

  1. I personally like the new headlights, the angular portion next to the grille adds a little bit of agression, I do not like the Grille!
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    the yanks wrecked a perfectly nice front. but there engine does have a better level of tune.
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    Yanks.... ruined? Now you must understand where the styling came from... the look of the vintage Hide away grill, with some contemporary styling, not only to keep up with the times, but to fit the body of the car... perhaps you aren't fond of the more agressive look, but it keeps with the more aggressive performance.
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    theres a difference between agressive and ugly.

    oh and both of these are based on the same car
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    I beg to differ, the GTO GTS twins are a bit over the top for my liking, the base CV8 is a much purer looking car.
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    maybe so but it still looks better than the pontiac gto front and has that agression they want so badly
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    His wright are GTO is not just as good in performance its a much more agressive car thats, damn ugly.

    The yanks are wright that the monaros a pussies car, style and performance.
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    your wrong, it may not be as powerful but it was designed to be a good looking car, not overly agressive. if you want that then buy a hsv. (which are faster and better looking than the pontiac) cars dont have to be agressive to be sporty, it is more a european style grand tourer that has beauty rather than ugly. but you wouldnt understand that

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